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Seeing Green: 2015 Emerald Cup Highlights Outdoor Cultivation

Photos by Gracie Malley

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Seeing Green: 2015 Emerald Cup Highlights Outdoor Cultivation

The 12th annual event is reported to have seen 21,000 attendees and included panels and workshops as well as a large Proposition 215 zone.

In a two-day gathering that dwarfed the attendance records of previous years, the 2015 Emerald Cup brought an array of cultivators, breeders and activists dedicated to organic, outdoor cannabis to the Sonoma County fairgrounds this past weekend.

In this area medical cannabis patients were able to sample and purchase seeds, flowers, clones, topical and tinctures produced by cultivators in California’s famed Emerald Triangle. Cannabis breeding legend DJ Short sold seeds to those looking to try their hand growing his Blueberry and Aficionado, which offered 10 packs of seeds at a $500 price point, took home first place in the Cup for Mene Gene’s Cherry Limeaid. The event, which began as an underground grower’s gathering, has continued to evolve and expand over the years. To enter this year’s competition, growers had to include a $250 fee towards pesticide and microbial testing, a requirement that eliminated about 15 percent of the offerings. A complete look at the 2015 Emerald Cup entries is available here.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joe Pietri

    December 16, 2015 at 4:40 am

    1st of all DJ Short did not create Blueberry, this was bred in Santa Cruz in the 70’s. Shortr like many others steep in when Reagan shut down importers, and took responsibility for strains he had no involvement in creating. This happened on many levels, especially in Amsterdam where everyone was trying to fictionalize themselves with known american brands. $500 for a pack of crappy Blueberry, that is finicky to grow, attracts mites and mold. bn. The only way to grow that is in the desert under 30% shade cloth. Truly sick of people claiming themselves to be the creator of this and that when the true scene was underground and no one was using their real names. I was at the cup, and I repeat no one had seeds that came close to my African F1 hybrids. Ask DJ Shortv how he came up with blueberry? He will say its a secret why? CVause he has no clue how that blueberry was created.

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