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Royal Queen Seeds Launches F1 Hybrid Seeds

Hyperion F1 hybrid. PHOTOS Royal Queen Seeds


Royal Queen Seeds Launches F1 Hybrid Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds aims to revolutionize cannabis cultivation by offering the world’s first true F1 hybrids.

As all good cultivators know, the most crucial part of growing cannabis is twofold: choosing the right genetics and sourcing them from a reputable seed bank or breeder. Royal Queen Seeds, regarded as one of Europe’s leading cannabis seed banks, just launched a new range of F1 hybrid cannabis seeds—the first cannabis company to offer a true F1 hybrid cannabis cultivar.

With over ten years of experience breeding exceptional cultivars and delivering world-class customer service, Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) is a leader in the cannabis genetics space. The Barcelona-based company’s new F1 hybrid seeds are already being touted as revolutionary for today’s cannabis industry, just as feminized seeds were in the ‘90s.

“F1 hybrids are uniform plants with countless benefits for all sectors of the cannabis industry: Medical patients will benefit from consistent, quality cannabinoids; commercial growers will be able to streamline their operations by working with a reliable crop; and even home growers will have access to more potent, higher-yielding plants for their gardens/tents,” says Shai Ramsahai, CEO of Royal Queen Seeds. “The new autoflowering F1 hybrids have a solid structure, are nicely uniform, and have a beautiful inflorescence structure—almost indistinguishable from a photo-dependent cannabis plant.” 

Creating pure inbred lines.

Understanding F1 Hybrid Seeds

F1 hybrid seeds result from cross-pollinating two different parent plants to breed a plant selectively. Genetically speaking, the term is an abbreviation for Filial 1, which means “first children.”

The RQS team started developing the F1 hybrid seeds in 2016 when the bank created its first pure inbred lines (IBLs), a technique the vegetable industry used for decades to create uniform produce. Breeders select two plants (or lines) with desirable qualities—for example, high yields or particular terpene profiles—and then intentionally mate the plants together. Once confident they had created the optimum traits, RQS applied the same technology to cross its IBLs, creating the new genetics.

F1 Hybrid Seeds
Trimmed Titan F1 hybrid buds.

The initial RQS F1 hybrid seed launch includes a CBD strain called Cosmos F1, which offers high CBD levels, high yields and seven THC cultivars with the following favorable characteristics:

  • Hyperion F1: Touted as the tallest plant, this is a vigorous and resistant cultivar.
  • Apollo F1: A compact and robust plant with a lavender aroma.
  • Titan F1: The plant’s highest THC level offering is matched its high trichome density.
  • Milky Way F1: A uniform and convenient plant with a delicious, chocolatey flavor.
  • Orion F1: This sizable and resilient plant delivers large yields.
  • Epsilon F1: With a low odor output, this plant is a great option for discreet growers.
  • Medusa F1: Offers the highest flower density and high levels of the CBG cannabinoid.
Seed packs.

The Benefits of Choosing F1 Hybrid Seeds

With a promise of unbeatable consistency and superior results with exceptional traits in every harvest, the autoflowering F1 attributes include high THC levels, fast flowering, larger yields and greater resistance to stress and uniformity.

Let’s explore three of the ways F1 hybrid seeds will outperform traditional seeds:

1. Greater Yields

Certain inputs will affect a cannabis plant’s end output, including lighting, nutrients and even the size of the pot. However, every cannabis cultivar is genetically predisposed to produce yields within a specific range. With F1 hybrid seeds, every plant is selected to deliver the most significant yield. As they say, the greater the yield, the greater the reward. 

2. Consistency and Stability

Medical patients will benefit from the uniform cannabinoid and terpene profiles offered with F1 hybrid seeds. One of the perks of synthetic cannabinoid medicine like Dronabinol is its consistent cannabinoid delivery, which some patients find therapeutic for their health concerns. This helps give patients peace of mind, as they can rest easy knowing the cannabinoid content in their medicine will always be consistent. 

3. Autoflowering

The new F1 hybrid cannabis seeds are auto-flowering, meaning that after two to four weeks of growth, the plants will start to flower independently. This is a convenient characteristic for growers, as it removes the need to switch the light schedule to initiate and maintain the plant’s flowering phase.

As Ramsahai says, “Royal Queen Seeds’ new F1 hybrids are set to transform the cannabis industry with superior performance, offering growers uniform plants with higher yields, increased THC potency and unbeatable F1 stability.” 

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