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Issue 11 Print Edition
Print Edition (124 pages)
published June 2014

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What’s Inside Issue 11

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Editor’s Note By Angela Bacca p.07
Political Update By Roger Maple p.14
All Use Is Medical By Dragonfly de la Luz p.16
America Talks Pot By Kylie “Tee” Toponce p.21
Medical vs Recreational: As Politicians Grapple with the Concept, Constituents Push Legalization for All Users By Amber Noël p.22
Medical Side of Dabbing By Rick Pfrommer p.26
Blogging for Buds: How Millennials Are Shaping the New Cannabis Industry By Ellen Holland p.30
How To Do A Dab p.31
The CBD Phenomenon By Angela Bacca p.34
The Rise of CBD: Why is CBD Suddenly More Medicinal in Conservative States? By Mallory Jane p.38
Dust Bowl: California’s Drought Will Send the Nation’s Cannabis Prices Soaring By Susan Soares p.41
Grow Green & Save Water: How to Cut Growers Water Consumption in Half By Thomas Valentine p.45
Inside I-502: What You Need to Know About Legal Cannabis in Washington state By Kurt and Stephanie Boehl p.48
Washington Joins The Future: The Beginning of Washington’s Cannabis Industry Legal Sales By Chuck Lenatti p.52
Women Are Shaping The Emerging Cannabis Industry: The Cannabis Now Interviews with Amanda Reiman and Lauren Vazquez p.56
Trichomes: The Beautiful World of Cannabinoids and Terpenes By Marc “Bubbleman” Richardson p.60
Terpenes : The Future of Cannabis is Medicine and Household Cleaning By Angela Bacca p.69
Steep Hill Labs: Pioneers in Medical Cannabis Testing By Angela Bacca p.70
Mellow Moms By Clyde Gallagher p.72
Nature’s Cure: Are the Most Effective Medicines for Treating Mental Disorders Cannabis, Mushrooms, LSD & MDMA? By Rae Lland p.74
Inside A Colorado Grow By Ellen Holland p.77
Kind Love: A Medical Dispensary Profile By Errin Reaume p.78
Healing Through Food How Cannabis Edibles Have Evolved To Meet Medical and Recreational Demands By Jessica Catalano p.80
Baked In Barcelona By Vic p.82
Ed’s World: Blazing Trails Across Spain and Amsterdam By Ed Rosenthal p.86
Island Cultivators By Linka Odom p.90
Film Review: Kid Cannabis p.94
Film Review: Evergreen: The Road to Legalization  p.95
Book Review: A New Leaf p.97
Strain Review: Critical Mass By Vic p.96
Product Reviews: Vaporite Emerald Vaporizer, Roll-Uh-Bowl, Cannabis Now Grinder Dog Tag, Funk Sac, Vapecase by Lotus, Chrontainer, Walking Sticks, Lighterbro, Achelois Canna Lotion, 18 Karat Gold Trifecta Vaporizer p.94-101
Millennials are Changing Marijuana Policy By Patrick Garcia p.103
Baby Boomers By Allan Erickson p.105
Five Reasons to Vape p.107
Medical Edibles: Gluten-Free Raspberry Cough Crumb Bars By Jessica Catalano p.112

Cannabis Now is a group of individuals passionate about the topic of cannabis and the debate surrounding it.

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