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Product Review: Vape Nation

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Product Review: Vape Nation

Photos Courtesy PAX, DaVinci, Double Barrel

Product Review: Vape Nation

There are a lot of vapes to choose from — so here are some recommendations that’ll help narrow down your search.

PAX 3 Fuchsia Flower Vape $199

A flower vaporizer should hold cannabis flower with the same care that a fine glass vase holds a bouquet of roses. There ought to be stability, consistency and beauty. In a vaporizer’s case, it should, as Michelen-star chef Alice Waters wrote about cooking, “let things taste of what they are.” The PAX 3 flower vaporizer achieves this standard, especially the version of the vaporizer in the lush fuchsia color reminiscent of roses themselves. The PAX 3’s seductively smooth design handles the beauty side of the equation, and then its precision heat control (programmable through a smartphone app) delivers the consistent clouds of tasty terps. There’s a reason PAX has been widely popular over the years, and the PAX 3 doesn’t fail to fit the bill. — Julia Clark-Riddell

Davinci Miqro / $199

The Davinci Miqro caters to the desire to keep things on the down-low with its small size and sleek exterior. It fits easily into the palm of one’s hand for those fist-to-mouth public pulls, and it comes in a trio of muted jewel tones, as well as black and silver shades that verge on matte. Adjust the chamber size with a screw-off ceramic pearl to manage intake and set the oven temperature between 300 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit or use Smart Path temperature presets that gradually increase heat throughout a smoke session. Make sure to tightly pack the oven, otherwise you may not get optimal vapor. — Katie Way

Wonderleaf Vape Cartridges / $30

Upon a visit to Wonderleaf’s craft-sized, small-batch extraction lab outside Denver, it became clear that this team is clean. Wonderleaf is a family-owned business, run by a delightful woman named Patricia Noonan. The producers have passion and pay attention to every detail of their craft. For example, each formula — extracted using CO2 — contains only same-strain-and-batch terpenes. Brass tacks? Many companies can boast this, but for $30 per cartridge at Denver’s Good Chemistry dispensaries, you can’t find better quality for the cost than Wonderleaf. Pro tip: ask for the Black Ice. Good Gawd! — Brad Bogus

Double Barrel / $100

In the world of personal vaporizers, nothing finds itself on the cutting edge quite like the Double Barrel. Single-flavor-profile vape pens are growing in popularity, but the proprietary technology in the Double Barrel is ready to knock that new reality off axis. The world’s first dual-chamber oil vaporizer, the Double Barrel has two slots so that users can pair two concentrates together to hit at the same time. The vape uses its flex circuit technology for precise heat, in an attempt to give the consumer what they consider the very best feel, taste, and cannabinoid and terpene activation on the market today. In addition to the generally cool idea of pairing flavor profile, Double Barrel’s inaugural partners on the product include huge names like Sherbinskis. — Jimi Devine

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Originally published in Issue 35 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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