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Product Review: Gló E-Torch

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Product Review: Gló E-Torch

In today’s modern dab culture it’s rare that a device comes out for old-school hash enthusiasts, so that’s one thing that makes the Gló so amazing.

Certainly these days there are options for the non-solvent smoker to dab (and Gló can also be used for flowers, shatters and waxes), but one of the best ways to smoke hash is out of a pipe. With the Gló you can do this with ease.

It’s a new e-torch, designed with the hash lover in mind. The device is housed in a silver case which opens to reveal a small ceramic tip that is attached to a battery. All you need to do is wait until the ceramic end gets red hot than you can dip it into your pipe and take a hit as it ignites the hash to burn at the perfect temperature. The Gló is a perfect way to smoke hash and is particularly great for use outside in a windy environment.

Another nice thing about the Gló stick is that it has a big battery so it will last at least three to four days of moderate to heavy use. The ceramic tip also unscrews making it easy to replace if necessary. All in all, it’s a great piece of kit for any hash lover.

Click here to purchase / $165

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