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New App Connects You With a Medical Marijuana Card And Weed In Minutes

Courtesy of Eaze


New App Connects You With a Medical Marijuana Card And Weed In Minutes

Weed delivery app Eaze launched a service today that will bring the on-demand economy to the medical marijuana industry. EazeMD, a technology that Eaze integrated into its delivery service Tuesday morning, connects users to a doctor for a recommendation and delivers medical cannabis – all within in minutes.

EazeMD links prospective patients in select regions of California to a video chat with a certified doctor who will decide whether or not to recommend medical cannabis within 20 minutes. If the doctor approves the recommendation, a PDF of the doctor’s note will be sent to the user for only $25. Then, the user can select the medical cannabis they want delivered from one of the area’s legally compliant dispensaries. One writer at Forbes said it took him only five minutes to complete his physician assessment and five minutes to get weed delivered to his door.

“Eaze MD is the X factor,” Keith McCarty, the app’s founder, told Cannabis Now. “It’s about opening up and lowering the barrier to get people to receive their evaluations with the same standard of care.”

McCarty said that the app hopes to serve those people that have been intimidated by the process of getting a medical card in the past. With EazeMD, people looking for a card are not required to go to a separate medical marijuana doctor, their information is secure with HIPAA-compliant physicians and the process is quick and easy.

“If you go out and talk to people who use cannabis and they say they don’t have the recommendation, they say they have concern around the process,” said McCarty, who added that he hopes the app to bring a level of professionalism to the industry that will encourage “soccer moms” to try cannabis instead of prescription pills. “Eaze wants to make it available to those types of people so that they’re getting marijuana in an easy and professional way.”

Eaze has been successfully operating in the Bay Area since their launch last summer, with tens of thousands of users. Today, with the launch of EazeMD, they also expanded their service into Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, effectively quadrupling their reach in a single day. They funded the expansion with over $10 million from institutional investors such as 500 Startups, DCM Ventures, Fresh VC and Snoop Dogg’s venture firm Casa Verde Capital.

The California Medical Board recognizes the app under the state’s laws that allow for telehealth or the delivery of health services and information through technology, McCarty said. California and 28 other states allow telehealth and McCarty said EazeMD fulfills the state requirements and more, as video chatting is not required in California.

“We maintain the same standard of care or sometimes a higher standard of care,” said McCarty about EazeMD, a philosophy that he says the whole app strives toward. “When you’re getting a delivery, it should feel like a concierge delivery service. That’s what’s needed to take this industry to the next level.”

EazeMD is the first app to connect users immediately doctors to receive their medical card. While other weed delivery apps like Meadow promise to have doctors visit a prospective patient’s house for the consultation, EazeMD strives to be as fast and easy as possible without sacrificing the quality of care.

For people outside of Eaze’s four California markets, they may not have to wait long for Eaze’s services to reach them.

“Eaze will continue to expand and the rate we enter new markets will be faster,” said McCarty.

Would you use this type of service to get your medical card? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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