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Law Enforcement Against Prohibition: The Cops that Are Our Friends

A LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) badge against a blue background.


Law Enforcement Against Prohibition: The Cops that Are Our Friends

“Not one of the stated US drug policy goals of lowering the incidence of crime, addiction, drug availability, or juvenile drug use, has been achieved. Instead, our approach has magnified these problems by creating a self-perpetuating, ever-expanding policy of destruction.” – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Having been a cannabis consumer my entire adult life, I have had a healthy paranoia about interacting with law enforcement. Traveling across Texas with quantities of Mexican pot in the 1970s probably wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done… Imagine my surprise in 2002 when I heard rumors of a group of cops that wanted to end the War on Drugs.

At that same time I read about Sheriff Bill Master’s (San Miguel County, Colo.) impressive “drug war addiction” in which he clearly explains his opposition to the War on Drugs. Sheriff Masters is still Sheriff of San Miguel County and is still opposed to the War on Drugs.

The organization is Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). Once just a handful the group now has around 100,000 members, 150 speakers and members in 190 countries. Just last week the group did over 80 public presentations, and last year LEAP speakers made 750 presentations. When a cop says it’s time to end the drug war, it carries more weight than when someone like… oh, me maybe… says it.

I became involved with LEAP in its early days. My respect for and admiration of the dedication these fine men and women demonstrate puts this organization at the top of my “effective drug policy organizations” list, alongside the Media Awareness Project (MAP).

After 30 years of basically fearing contact with the police because of my cannabis use I suddenly found cops standing with me/us saying “No!” to the War On (some) Drugs. Holy Sinsemilla Batman!

And these aren’t everyday folks. There are some very impressive credentials here. LEAP co-founder and former director Jack Cole was in narcotics for 14 years. There are members from virtually every corner of the justice system—DEA, Border Patrol, Homeland Security, FBI, judges, corrections officers, former governors—and they are on our side.

Having heard presentations from LEAP speakers, impressive is a mild description. If you get a chance, attend a LEAP presentation. Watch the heads of doubters as they begin to nod in agreement. In fact, I would recommend that you, yes YOU, bring a LEAP speaker to your community.

“Anyone concerned about the failure of our $69 billion-a-year War on Drugs should watch this 12-minute program. You will meet front line, ranking police officers who give us a devastating report on why it cannot work. It is a must-see for any journalist or public official dealing with this issue.”

– Walter Cronkite

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