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Glass Artist Profile: Trenton0o Takes Us on a Tour Through the Spectrum of Color

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Glass Artist Profile: Trenton0o Takes Us on a Tour Through the Spectrum of Color

It’s all about the technique when it comes to how Oregon-based glass artist Trenton0o achieves his beautiful rainbow glass pieces with perfectly precise rings of vibrant color.

“One of the glass blowing techniques I use is called incalmo, which is an Italian term that basically means to infuse separate things together. That’s how I put my colors together on top of each other to create nice, even bands.”

It was fellow glass artist and collaborator Sven who got him started on the rainbow route and since then, he’s found others who also want to collaborate on the polychromatic pieces he loves to make.

“I’ve worked with so many awesome people,” he says, before reciting a laundry list of collaborators he’s worked with recently.

Trenton0o and Annealed Innovations Collab

Collaboration with Annealed Innovations

Trention0o also likes to combine different techniques to get his pieces just right.

“Instead of using tubing, I use stringers and do lip wraps. I stack the lip wraps on top of each other and that’s how I get my precision. I can create really even patterns that way.”

Although he’s happy making gorgeous, multicolored glass that encompasses the range of the spectrum, he’s got some new visions up his sleeve.

“In the future, I’m thinking about more patterns and even more bands of color,” he reveals. “Maybe even cool stuff like marble and prisms.”

Originally published in issue 19 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE.

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