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Ganja Gift Fair Spotlights Women in Cannabis

The cannabis industry is becoming a hotbed for women entrepreneurship, and Lady Chatterly's Lover provides a space for them to shine.
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Ganja Gift Fair Spotlights Women in Cannabis

Lady Chatterly’s Lover, an SF Bay Area cannabis collective committed to promoting the work of women entrepreneurs in the industry, offers patients a festive, friendly environment for exploring and purchasing lifestyle-focused gifts and medicine.

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start nailing down the perfect present for the beloved toker in your life.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover, a medical cannabis collective based in the San Francisco Bay Area with a mission to provide mainly women-made or grown products to consumers, graciously took it upon themselves to host a bustling cannabis gift fair for people who want to delight the ganja lovers in their lives with lifestyle-appropriate presents thoughtfully created by local Californian companies headed by

This past Sunday, folks congregated in a humble warehouse space in San Francisco to browse, sample and buy cannabis-infused goods from local vendors. There was something there for every level of lover from the casually curious to tried-and-true cannaconnoisseur including topical, edibles, vape pens, bath salts, and even flower sample gift combos from Prema Flora with 9 different strains to try out.

The space was full of tables and people eagerly shopping among the throng of companies that were positioned around the space like Swerve Confections with Ayurvedic practitioner Eden Tosch on hand to answer questions and share information about some of their delicious treats like their Snooze and Buzz bars, and Snuggle bites.

Moonman’s Mistress as well as Hippo Treats and Altai also came through with the edibles, Smokies Toke Couture made an appearance with a plethora of super cute cannabis jewelry and accessories, and award-winning W Vapes showed off their sleek oil cartridges.

There was also a nurse station on site where Meredith Bassler, a local nurse practitioner and medical marijuana specialist was present and prepared to answer any questions.

“Lots of people come to these types of events with a range of knowledge,” she said. “Some people are total beginners who are still figuring out the difference between indica and sativa while others know more and ask different kinds of questions about dosages and specific strains. It really varies.”

Along with the gifts and educational tidbits, one company there made it their mission to also give back to the community this holiday season by donating proceeds from one their products to a local cause. Alchemy by Dark Heart has teamed up with Friends Outside, a non-profit organization that provides services to incarcerated people in California state prisons, to donate proceeds from their Holiday Wellness Pack towards purchasing goods for families impacted by incarcerated parents.

Like many of the cannabis-friendly events that have been popping up around the Bay Area, this ganja gift fair one was another glimpse into a near future where there will even more opportunities for people outside of the cannabis crowd to be privy to these types of happenings. But, that may be further off than just around the corner than people would want, though.

A representative at Lola Lola shared some thoughts about how the passing of Proposition 64, though exciting, will still take some time to make a splash in the industry.

“I don’t think we will see a lot of changes as soon as some people may think. My guess is it will be at least another 18 months,” he said. “Right now we are still in this grey area and will be for awhile.”

Politics aside, the afternoon was a great chance to get some shopping in while supporting women in the cannabis industry and local companies.

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