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Exploring Potland: 420 & $4.20

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Exploring Potland: 420 & $4.20

Here are a few ideas if you happen to have a joint and around $4.20 in Portland, Oregon.

Oregon is one of four states in America that has legalized marijuana — not just for medicinal use, but for anyone over the age of 21. Legalization is rolling out slowly with only flower currently available for recreational purchase at dispensaries around the state. It’s easy to get a pre-rolled joint or twist one up yourself and find something to do with the afternoon, even on a budget.

OMSI First Sundays

Every first Sunday of the month the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) opens it’s doors for a discount- $2 for adult admission to all the regular exhibit halls, plus special exhibits and other features for a reduced price too. You’ll get access to exhibit halls with features like the earthquake house that simulates quakes at magnitudes 5.6 and 6.8, beautiful displays of rocks and minerals, brain teasers that might prove entertaining or frustrating depending on your high, and a 6-foot sphere on which you can watch the patterns of animal migration, climate change effects and other phenomena cross the globe. There are also labs smaller rooms inside the halls that are much more hands on- the chemistry lab is filled with stations where you can perform different experiments while mixing up chemicals and safety goggles are required and provided, the life lab has lots of reptiles to chill with, the paleontology lab has lots of fossils, and the holography/light room has lots of trippy lighting effects that could have kept me entertained for hours. It’s easy to get caught up in all the hands-on activities so arrive early for maximum playtime.

Tabor and Tacos

Mt. Tabor Park is located in Southeast Portland and spans over 190 acres. It’s an extinct volcano and the perfect place for a leisurely hike after a toke. The forest feels completely removed from the city but the trails are well maintained and a glance to a smartphone map will ease any fear of getting too lost in the woods. Even on a misty day (it is Portland, after all) Tabor is worth the hike.

After working up an appetite, it’s only a quick drive or leisurely walk to the taco spot ¿Por Que No? on Hawthorne Boulevard a little more than 10 blocks from the west side of Mt. Tabor Park. Happy Hour is every day from 3-6 and Tuesdays from 3 until closing, and features discounts on tacos and other munchies and cottonmouth quenchers. While the line outside may seem daunting, the weed should help ease the pain of waiting. The line moves fast and the tacos are worth it. It’s hard to pick a favorite because every taco I’ve tried has been great, and I was happy to discover that most of their options are gluten-free like me.

Powell’s City of Books

Powell’s is a Portland landmark — a bookstore on the west side in downtown that occupies an entire city block. Pick up a map when you enter the store — the store is so expansive you’ll need it. Over one million new and used books sit side by side on the shelves and make it easy to get lost in browsing. For bibliophiles, it might be like treasure hunting. For anyone with any particular interest, it’s a chance to explore in depth outside of a computer screen. For stoners, there’s a bookcase in the Orange section devoted to books on our favorite plant. Powell’s also features a Rare Book Room where you can peruse rarities and first editions and a location of World Cup Coffee for an energy boost when you need one so you can keep exploring.

What are some places you explore with cannabis? Let us know your favorite spots below.

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