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The Future of Cannabis: The Cannabis World Congress 2016

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The Future of Cannabis: The Cannabis World Congress 2016

This video produced by Cannabis Now explores the business side of the evolving cannabis industry on the cusp of the historic Nov. 8 election which could result in five additional states legalizing cannabis for adult-use.

Including footage from the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo in Los Angeles this fall, Cannabis Now documents the professional side of the cannabis industry in several sectors including finance, medicinal applications and politics. Publisher Eugenio Garcia describes the strong energy present at the business convention, stating that 500 booths and $10 Million in sales walking around the convention floor only represent a “drop in the bucket” for the amazing potential of the plant.

“It’s gone from a very black market clandestine type of operation, that we’re coming out of the darkness and into light,” says Advanced Nutrients CEO Michael Straumietis, AKA Big Mike. “Our community cares about helping people and healing them.”

Within the video, several other notable celebrities express their views about the future of the cannabis industry, including former talk show host Montel Williams and former NFL defensive end Marvin Washington. Both have now entered the cannabis business space with product lines geared towards cannabis’ healing medicinal effects.

“I want to spread the word about the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant,” Washington says. “It has a lot of negative stigmas and connotations attached to it and people are still going off that ‘Cheech & Chong’ ‘Reefer Madness’ type of deal, but it’s not that. I’m going to continue to get the word out about this movement, it needs to be done and people need help.”

Straumietis concurred.

“The more that we legitimize this and act like it’s legitimate, we become that,” he says. “If we come together we can have a very substantial voice in what is going to happen in the future of cannabis if we don’t, it’s all going to be big business.”

Cannabis, Garcia explains, is set to be, “one of the most dynamic opportunities and change makers of the century.”

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