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Cannabis Art Creations to Inspire You During Lockdown

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Cannabis Art Creations to Inspire You During Lockdown

This curated list of articles features the most eye-catching cannabis art and artists out there to distract you while on lockdown.

It’s day whatever of the COVID-19 lockdown and you’ve binged Tiger King. Now what to do with all that extra time on your (thoroughly washed) hands? If you need a break from the current coronavirus news cycle, we’ve curated a list of our favorite Cannabis Now articles about cannabis art and artists to help take your mind off things.

From kaleidoscopic cannabis photography to work-of-art joints that look (almost) too good to smoke, these articles will get your creative juices flowing.

READ: Visual Artist Makes Beautiful Pieces with Rolling Papers 

One night art school student Cliff Maynard was making a miniature mosaic while smoking with a stack of magazines on one side and a pile of roaches on the other. That evening, something clicked when he began incorporating the pre-smoked, stained pieces of rolling papers into his collages and his art was never the same. 

READ: The Art of Cannabis Embroidery 

British artist Chloe O’Malley updates embroidery hoop art with deliciously detailed cannabis portraits. Her incredible creations feature images of living cannabis plants in a realistic style, reminiscent of scientific illustrations. Each piece of her cannabis art depicts a different strain and, working with color, shape and texture, she somehow manages to capture the unique quality of each cannabis variety.

Allie Beckett Cannabis Now

READ: Higher Self: Cannabis Kaleidoscopes 

Cannabis photographer Allie Beckett uses her profession to develop a spiritual practice and meditation mandalas. Calling it “sacred ganjametry,” Beckett creates kaleidoscopic cannabis mandalas for meditation purposes.

Pot Podcasts

READ: 5 Trip-Tastic Art Album Covers 

Getting lost in cover art can contribute to your enjoyment of music. Here are a handful of beautiful (and “out-there”) covers that — especially with the aid of a little ganja — might make you think twice about the tunes themselves.

Cannabiscapes & the Art of Dankness

READ: Cannabiscapes & the Art of Dankness 

Cannabiscapes crafts images out of weed itself, using stems, ground nugs and concentrates to create art. Over the past couple of years, Cannabiscapes has evolved from fun small mixed-media landscape pieces to larger-scale portraits that look awesome.

READ: Glass Review: Kimmo Glass 

Kimmo has been blowing his beautiful flower and cosmos-inspired art glass for nearly two decades. 

Natural Ganja Cannabis Now Magazine

READ: Natural Ganja: Cannabis Curiosities and the Art of the Joint 

Not all joints are created equal — and Natural Ganja proves that point with their extravagantly adorned cannabis curiosities. 

TELL US, have you ever made any cannabis-inspired art? 

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