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A-Plus from Hieroglyphics Talks Dabs, Dispensaries and Doing Chalice California

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A-Plus from Hieroglyphics Talks Dabs, Dispensaries and Doing Chalice California

Some people prefer to toke, some are more inclined to taste, others are just into topicals and then there are those who are dedicated to dabs. Adam Carter, better known as A-Plus from Oakland-based hip-hop groups Hieroglyphics and Souls of Mischief, is a huge fan of dabbing. He loves concentrates so much, he can’t even pick his favorite.

“I just love dabbing,” he says, chuckling. “I love the feel of it.”

He isn’t quick to pick favorites when it comes to how he dabs either. Sometimes he opts for the vape pen, other times he fires up the rig — it all depends on the environment and what exactly he plans to accomplish on that particular day.

Today he’s back from a weekend at the South Park Music and Camping Festival that took place in his birth state, Colorado. He loves going back to visit and although he has spent lots of time there since the legalization of recreational marijuana, he’s a true California toker at heart.

“California is ground zero for the movement. We’re the blueprint for everywhere,” he says. When asked which state has the better dispensaries, he was quick to answer: “California. Hands down.” Some of his most-loved dispensaries in the country are located in the Bay Area although it was challenging for him to pick one as his most beloved spot.

When it comes to flowers or dabs, he can’t pick which one he prefers. “Each one creates different reactions in my anatomy,” he shares. “I just love it all, no doubt about it.”

Concentrates have reached celebrity status in the cannabis community with dabbing becoming a part of the norm. With its rise in popularity, more and more events are popping up to give dab devotees like A-Plus a place to celebrate their love with other enthusiasts.

A-Plus and the rest of Hieroglyphics will grace the stage at Chalice California July 12-13 in San Bernardino. The Hiero Crew will be the headlining act on Saturday night following a day of performances by an assortment of musicians including MC Dab Marino, Mac Lethal and the one and only E-40.

“I really enjoy watching other artists perform.” A-Plus says. “I love to walk around and take in the sights at events like this. I’m looking forward to just taking everything in this weekend at the Chalice festival.”

And there will be plenty to take in. The National Orange Center will host the concentrate competition and music festival that is set to feature guest speakers, educational seminars, food and lots of vendors. Up to 250 attendees will be able to purchase a judging pass that provides them with a judging kit, a rig and the opportunity to sample every edible, solvent and non-solvent entered into the competition. There will also be live glassblowing at the Glassblower Village where people can meet and greet glass artists as they create pieces on the spot.

The competition will appropriately debut on the weekend following 7/10, the dabber’s equivalent of 4/20, and A-Plus is definitely excited about the chance to celebrate with allies of the concentrate movement.

So, as a self-proclaimed dab-lover, what will he be up to on Dab Day leading up to Chalice California? He’ll be performing in Oakland, of course, celebrating concentrates at the 7/10 Show at The Uptown, a venue that’s right around the corner from where he lives.

“I know it’s going to be a great time. I’ll probably burn one on the way,” he laughs.

How are you celebrating 7/10? Tell us in the comments below.

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