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2016: The Year in Cannabis News

There've been a lot of big stories in cannabis this year — here's Cannabis Now's roundup of the biggest.
Photo Gracie Malley for Cannabis Now


2016: The Year in Cannabis News

As the New Year approaches and 2016 comes to the end, Cannabis Now looks back on the year’s biggest marijuana news stories.

From high profile company launches to groundbreaking legislation, there’ve been some major developments in the world of weed this year.

Note on methodology: We used internet search data to pinpoint the dates of each month when cannabis was trending the highest. From there, we checked which individual story was trending at that time. Many were what we expected, but there were also a few fun surprises.

January – New Migraine Research

Research on Migraines and Cannabis

Photo Mislav Marohnic

The most trending cannabis story for January this year brought more validation to migraine sufferers everywhere who choose to use cannabis as medicine. Researchers found undeniable evidence in the test pool of positive reactions to cannabis noting, “there was a substantial improvement for patients in their ability to function and feel better.”

February – Super Bong Load 50

Photo Craig Hawkins

February saw the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl head to SF, but the big story of the month was the league continuing to be decades behind the host city when it came to the use of cannabis as medicine. Former players like Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams continue to beckon the league to take another look at their policies, especially with more information coming to light about chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

March  – The Tallahassee THC Fake-Out

Florida Cannabis Now Magazine

Photo Bahador

Early in the month Florida passed a medical bill that would lose steam, eventually voters would pass medical cannabis at the ballot box in November. From the look of it, it’s still going to be quite some time before patients have safe access though.

April – Guess

420 Cannabis Now Magazine

Photo Gracie Malley for Cannabis Now

Unsurprisingly April 20th won the month. Events in all the cool time zones highlighted the biggest celebrations ever. Back in San Francisco, the closest major gathering to 4/20’s ancestral home of San Rafael, one of the Waldo’s who created the holiday walked around hippie hill cleaning up after the crowd of 10,000 plus.

May – Whoopi Hype!!!!

Photo Archman8

The biggest story of May was the biggest launch of a cannabis brand ever. Whoopi Goldberg teamed up with one of the best female cultivation collectives ever to launch her all star line Whoopi and Maya. While other celebs jumped in the mix this year, none captivated the curiosity of the public quite like our beloved Whoopi!

June – Brownies in Oregon

Photo David Downs

With dosage levels capped at 15 milligrams, legal cannabis edibles hit the Beaver State. The Oregon Health Authority advises waiting at least 90 minutes before deciding to eat or drink more, but that’s just madness.

July –  Italy Legalization

A Home Grown Cannabis Plant

You thought it would be some kind of pot fireworks but it’s lasagna! Despite the disapproval of the Pope, Italian lawmakers began discussions around the legalization of cannabis.

August – Stoney Lab Rats

Photo Audrey_sel

Was generally a hype month for cannabis, with big stories happening all month long. However the biggest story of the month came from researchers who found that lab rats who consumed cannabis were lazy.

September – Maryland Diversity

Medical Marijuana- Cannabis Now Magazine

Photo Gracie Malley for Cannabis Now

One of the major stories of the year was diversity in the cannabis industry, and September saw the issue come to a head in Mayland. Applicants in the state sued over the lack of diversity in the selection process for the cannabis permits that would be issued.

October – 2,500-Year-Old Mummies, Majorities, and Handsome Lieutenant Governors

ACLU Prop. 64

Photo David Downs

A mummy dating back to the Han Dynasty in China was found wrapped in cannabis leaves just in time for halloween and in the midst of Californians getting ready to legalize cannabis, Pew Research was released showing 57-percent of adults supported the legalization of cannabis.

NOVEMBER – We got the Ws

2016 Presidential Election Cannabis Now

Photo Gracie Malley for Cannabis Now

The biggest news in November was the presidential prediction algorithm at the New York Times, the biggest cannabis news was the major victories seen across the country on election night. From San Francisco to Maine activists did their best to celebrate the victories despite the evening having a bit of a buzzkill vibe in the end.

December (so far) – The Tea Party is now the weed party

Lush Green Cannabis Plants

Legalization took hold in Massachusetts this month bit it also saw backroom dealings of six elected officials and Governor Charlie Baker, the main opponent of the ballot initiative, push through a six month delay on the will of the voters.

TELL US, what do you think the biggest cannabis news story of 2016 was?

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