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X-Rated Cannabis-Friendly Art Class Brings People Together

Photos by Charles Conti


X-Rated Cannabis-Friendly Art Class Brings People Together

Puff, Pass, Paint hosts another bring-your-own-bud class.

There is an element of the cannabis culture that cannot, or at least it should not be discounted in any way – the idea that marijuana, art and sexuality go hand in hand. There is no doubt that some members of cannabis community view marijuana as medicine – as an escape hatch from bouts of chronic pain, depression and even symptoms of some of the cruelest afflictions known to the scientific man – but there are others who embrace it for both recreation and release.

These are the cannabis creatives who get high to enter a more idealistic mindset, to open the doors of perception and put all of that squinty-eyed zeal into making magick. It goes without saying that the outcome of this pot-induced voodoo can be vast. It could give birth to a new piece of music, literature or even a mind-blowing sexual encounter that shakes the foundation of the moral code professed by Bible-thumping zealots for thousands of years. Marijuana is a lot of things to a lot of people, but sometimes it is just an outlet to rub out all of those get me off spots that humans struggle to unleash.

In a lot of ways, this philosophy is the foundation for a series of marijuana-friendly events that recently launched in California called Puff, Pass, Paint X-Rated Figure Drawing. These social affairs are part stoner soiree, part art school intertwined with nude adult entertainers. It could quite possibly be the best thing to happen to marijuana since, well, marijuana. The inaugural gathering, which took place last month in Los Angeles, was initially billed as Puff, Pass, Pornstar, but founder Heidi Keyes said she and her team have since changed the name because the masses were getting the wrong idea of what the event was all about.

“People were so confused about what was actually happening in the class,” she told Cannabis Now. “We had to explain that no one has to be nude, only the models. Nothing weird is going on here. It’s just a figure sketching class with models who are famous from the adult film industry and where people can consume cannabis legally.”

The Puff, Pass, Paint X-Rated Figure Drawing class is an extension of the wildly popular Puff, Pass, Paint series that has been popping up in legal marijuana states, like Colorado, Washington and Oregon, for the past few years. But tossing adult entertainers into the mix with this social, bring-your-own weed art setting actually came at the recommendation of one of the group’s art instructors, adult film star Lotus Lain. Keyes said she was in support of the idea of from day one because the key points are all relative.

“I think one of the great things about cannabis and art is that it goes together so well and so does sexuality,” Keyes said. “It’s just a very open-minded thing.”

Although the class is designed for the artistic beginner — mostly because organizers want everyone (adults 21 and over) to feel welcome — every level of artist is represented in the class. At November’s event, in fact, Keyes said the participants were all across the board with their skill set. Some were experienced professionals, while others admitted that they had not done anything artistic since they were in grade school. But no matter how advanced a person’s technique, everyone who attends can find common ground through cannabis and just being in a community of like-minded folks. So, basically, all one needs to get something out of the class is a passion for marijuana and artistic possibility.

“Everybody is just laughing and smoking and the models are really great at making conversation too,” Keyes said. “It’s just a really fun time. All of our classes are set up so that you don’t have to be an artist in any way. It’s really set up as a way to not only celebrate legal cannabis and consume socially, but it’s about being creative and enjoying the process of making art as much as making a good finished product.”

Keyes and crew are planning to make Puff, Pass, Paint X-Rated Figure Drawing class a monthly feature in Los Angeles. The last class was such a success that they have no doubt more people will want to get in on the experience. They are in the process now of scheduling events for January and February. It is important to point out that these events are BYOW (Bring Your Own Weed), so don’t just show up looking to gawk at hot porn actresses and mooch smoke off the other attendees. However, considering the overall vibe of the event, we doubt there is a lack of generosity present. After all, the primary goal of the event is to bring people together though weed, art and nakedness.

See you there!

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