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Women of Influence: Loriel Alegrete

Women of Influence: Loriel Alegrete
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Women of Influence: Loriel Alegrete

Loriel Alegrete is changing lives and giving a voice to the voiceless.

40 Tons, a social impact cannabis brand striving to change lives by helping those with past cannabis convictions find careers in the industry, is led by CEO Loriel Alegrete. While that’s the primary goal, she says the company collaborates with other brands, retails premium products and provides education and opportunities for those who need it most. The company sees the objective as a win-win since it also brings value to businesses in need of candidates. 

Alegrete co-founded the businesses and says the company’s focus all stems from a deeply personal connection to the issue of social justice because of her husband’s cannabis-related incarcerations. Alegrete was not even aware of his thriving underground pot business until she learned he was being sent to prison for years. Although he’s since been released, she says she can’t turn away from the call to
help free other cannabis prisoners. “I’m compelled to give a voice to the voiceless; the men and women dying in prison,” 40 Tons’ website states.

On the issue of gender parity, Alegrete says the cannabis industry is starting to become more inclusive of women. “However, we still have a long way to go for equal representation. My wish list includes seeing more women in executive leadership roles with real decision-making capabilities and more female and minority operators.”

This story was originally published in issue 48 of the print edition of Cannabis Now. Read it now on the Cannabis Now iTunes app.

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