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Toke & Travel: Experiencing a 420 Tour in Colorado

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Toke & Travel: Experiencing a 420 Tour in Colorado

We went on a cannabis tour bus, here’s what went down.

It’s 12 p.m. on a sunny yet windy Denver Saturday, and I am just on time. The email explaining the itinerary of the Colorado Cannabis Tour instructed all attendees to meet at high noon at a local sandwich shop, where a bus would then whisk us away on a Willy Wonka-esque journey that would convene at 4:20 (naturally). But of course, noon really meant around 12:30ish, when most of the guest list had checked in.

For pot tourists from across the country and beyond who want their first taste of legal freedom, this magical mystery tour is like a dream come true. A party bus that you can get high in, driving you to dispensaries and grows?! As my mother said when I told her I was invited along on a cannabis tour, “What will they think of next?”

Despite the fact that the sandwich shop was overflowing with people about to go on the adventure of a lifetime, the crowd seemed a bit quiet. As I filled out my waiver, I noticed that some folks appeared to be slightly nervous. I wasn’t sure if it was some sort of psychosomatic anxiety due to the fact that weed was involved at all or if they were afraid someone “not cool” from back home would somehow find out or if I was reading too deep into the whole thing. At any rate, by the time we were all on the bus, any nervous vibes I was picking up instantly faded (pun intended).

As soon as the bus was in motion, it seemed as though someone flipped a switch and everyone had a doobie in their mouths. There were so many going around that passing eventually became a chore. The tour guides offered bottled water and advice to a captivated crowd, all of whom were smiling.

There were about 20 people on board — most had never visited a legal cannabis state. Some were seasoned stoners who couldn’t wait to go balls to the walls, while others were simply interested in checking the scene out — maybe even trying cannabis for the first time. It was absolutely heartwarming to see how giddy some of these folks were; it was as if Christmas had come early. I remember going to Amsterdam in 2007 and feeling the same way and it was quite magical to be privy to the same feeling 10 years later.

The first stop on the tour was the massive Medicine Man grow facility, where thousands of plants were in various stages of development. Growing techniques and processes were discussed while selfies were snapped in front of a dizzying amount of luscious looking trees. We were not allowed to directly enter the grow rooms or touch any plants, but we could stick our heads in and get a nice whiff of freedom.

The second and third stops on the canna-tour were dispensaries where attendees received discounts on their purchases. No tours or presentations were given — this was the time to shop. Guests stared in wonder at all of the different products available.

“Should I get the Tangie? What about Bruce Banner #4? What’s shatter?”

Between tour stops, our kindly tour guide demonstrated how to use a bong and a steamroller, inviting all of us to give it a shot if we wanted. After challenging the group to see who could take the biggest bong rip, it was clear the contingency from Arizona knew their sh*t.

The last stop on this wild ride was a glass studio, where an artist demonstrated how bowls, bongs, dab rigs and other items are made. The artist challenged himself to create a piece in less than 60 seconds and, of course, succeeded. The bowl was then auctioned off to the highest bidder on the tour, a young brunette gal with stars in her eyes and $30 in her pocket.

At the end of the tour, it was apparent that everyone was ready for a nap. It reminded me once again of Christmas, except this was the part later in the day after presents are opened and dinner has been served, when everyone is laying around watching “Home Alone,” full and content. After experiencing the 420 Tour through the eyes of a canna-tourist, I would say it’s worth the $99 per ticket — especially if you’re from a state which has yet to experience the joys of recreational cannabis.

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