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Shatter Review: Sour D

Sour D Shatter at the End of a Nail
Photo by Greg Zeman


Shatter Review: Sour D

Perhaps the impressive smell and aesthetics which first made me take notice of this concentrate promised a little more than was delivered.

The life of a freelance writer is wracked with uncertainty. Perhaps that’s why I crave the stability absent from my career when it comes to my concentrates. I always prefer a brittle “true” shatter – one that actually shatters if struck or snapped – yet allows for stretching and molding if handled more gently. But, when I unfolded the parchment paper on the Sour Diesel shatter by First Class Concentrates, a citrusy fist of Sour D terpenes socked me squarely in the nose and informed me that I was going to make an exception.

The tacky, near-sap consistency was not quite to my liking, but I was able to peel away the entire half-gram with relative ease, leaving no residue on the parchment paper. So, we aren’t talking about some “put it in the freezer” stuff. I grade shatters the way English professors grade term papers, so clarity counts and this sample gets high marks.

A modest dab hit reveals an assertive flavor profile nearly identical to the smell from the paper – mouthwatering citrus with whispers of menthol and fir needles. A more adventurous glob on the nail unleashes an aggressive onslaught of all the flavor notes from the “toe dip” dab, along with a potent dose of cannabinoids.

My tolerance is out of control – call it an occupational hazard. I try to keep that in mind when rating the potency of concentrates, so I think it’s fair to say this is some powerful medicine for patients who benefit from sativas. It provided a deep, energetic buzz without making me anxious or paranoid. I tend to enjoy some of the “speedier” sativas, because I have a marked preference for writing at ungodly hours when I crave something that will encourage productivity rather than sleep. But, for the non-night owl, the Sour D provides a productive high that simultaneously sets your mind at ease and on fire.

Bottom Line: Using a basic zero to five-star rating system, I’d give this offering from First Class a 3.75, call it a C+ is you feel so inclined, but I think of it more like a B-, really.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this batch – its tasty terps and golden color are actually quite pronounced. But, next to some of the other similar products at a similar price point, from First Class and other extractors, it just doesn’t bring the “wow” factor.

This shatter was the sum of its impressive parts, but nothing more. Still, at $20 per half-gram at Phytologie Oakland, I think it’s worth a purchase. Just make sure you also check out some of the other phenomenal concentrates from First Class.

What are some of your favorite shatter strains? Share them with us in the comments.

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