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New Line of Jimi Hendrix Edibles Announced

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New Line of Jimi Hendrix Edibles Announced

Products could be available as soon as the end of the year.

Nutritional High International, Inc. announced that it has gained the rights to put out its own line of Jimi Hendrix-themed cannabis products. The Toronto-based company has an exclusive licensing agreement that will allow them to manufacture and distribute cannabis-infused and hemp-based edible products that not only have the same titles as his iconic songs, but will bear the likeness of the man himself.

“Jimi Hendrix is one of the most legendary rock guitarists of all time and this partnership should create instant brand recognition for our edible marijuana products by Jimi’s fans across North America,” said David Posner, CEO of Nutritional High International, Inc. “Entering into brand partnerships with the world’s foremost marijuana-related artists is a core component of our strategy and we are honored to become part of Jimi’s legacy.”

Nutritional High’s “Edible Experiences” product line will include both “Purple Haze” and  “Stone Free” lines of cannabis products. The “Purple Haze” line will include a number of items, such as medicated edibles, gummy bears, hard candies and drinks. The “Stone Free” line will include a few of the same products as the “Purple Haze” line, but will have CBD-based, non-psychoactive edibles.

The company is also looking to market another line of psychoactive cannabis edibles under the moniker of “Jimi’s Cannabis Collection.” They will be working in conjunction with Purple Haze Properties, a company based in the U.S. that works closely with Jimi’s 67-year-old brother, Leon. Purple Haze Properties is responsible for looking after Jimi Hendrix’s estate, but is also planning on independently launching other cannabis products under the legendary guitarist’s image, including its own brand of strains and concentrates called “Jimi’s Genetix” that will be available in major marijuana markets including Colorado, Nevada and California.

“We are pleased to be working with Nutritional High on Jimi’s entrance into the marijuana category. Nutritional High brings sophisticated manufacturing and marketing expertise and this will enable them to provide high quality products for Jimi’s fans everywhere. We look forward to building a leading presence in this rapidly-growing category, both as licensors and as shareholders,” said CEO of Purple Haze Properties, Andrew Pitsicalis.

The partnership between Nutritional High and Purple Haze Properties is currently contracted for a five year span and includes the ability for the companies to decide whether they would like to renew it for another five years at the end of this period. Included in the contract, Nutritional High will be required to pay Purple Haze Properties a total of $1 million in fees and royalties every year during the partnership of the companies.

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