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Kief: The Original Extract

A pile of kief, the original cannabis extract.


Kief: The Original Extract

Kief is the magical dust that falls off the buds when grinding, harvesting and producing cannabis plants. This original THC concentrate is a powder that can be used to infuse foods and drinks. It has a light, olive green tint, similar to the color associated with the American Army palette.

When collecting kief crystals in a grinder, it typically takes an ounce of ground bud before there are enough trichomes for a decent hit. Many people will collect the dust for months or even years before smoking it. Trimming cannabis is another way to collect kief, so long as the right tools are available. It’s a good idea to wear surgical gloves when handling the buds and to trim them over a trimming tray. Using a tray with a screen will help to collect the kief, which will fall through the fine screen to collect at the bottom like a goldminer’s tray.

Screen trays usually cost around $50 and can be purchased at any gardening specialty store. The investment is worth it for a trimmer as it’ll pay for itself in the first day of full production equal at least 200 grams of trimmed buds. It’s not uncommon to collect up to 5 grams of kief for every 200 grams trimmed, sometimes more if the crop is particularly old.

The best part of collecting kief this way is having a strain-specific stash to control effects. In the cannabis world, this type of kief collection can be seen as a bit of a status symbol.

The best way to consume kief is to smoke it in glass. While some potheads will simply pack a bowl with the dust, cannabis connoisseurs know to bake it on a Health Stone. Health Stones are typically made of charcoal, although any porous stone will work. A hit of quality kief on a Health Stone has a distinct flavor from each other, along with hash, dabs and nugs. This accessory can typically be purchased in a dispensary and helps to enhance the maximum effect and flavor. Kief connoisseurs know Health Stones as a useful alternative to dabbing.

This is definitely not for novice cannabis enthusiast unless you’re looking to get knocked out. For those who have acquired the taste, kief is a powerful and potent way to get high. It’s important to remember that heat must be used in order to activate the enjoyable psychoactive components. Dissolving kief in glycerin or oil is the best way to process this powdered hash. Be sure to only obtain kief from trusted sources, as it may contain additional agents. Kief itself won’t harm you, but these additives may.

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