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February’s Best: the Biggest Hits of the Shortest Month

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February’s Best: the Biggest Hits of the Shortest Month

It may have the fewest days of any month on the calendar, but February of 2017 was just long enough to pick some favorites out of the freshest cannabis crop. Check our latest breakdown of February’s finest.

February turned out to be an infamous one for the pot record books: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer signaling his expectation that the new Trump administration’s Department of Justice will step-up enforcement of federal cannabis laws in states that had recreational cannabis laws on the books.

Despite that harsh reality, February was also pretty dope. We had dueling predictions from America’s premier groundhogs — the drama! February 14th saw love in the air and a lot of solo efforts on Ben and Jerry’s pints — don’t worry ladies, it’s them not you.

And outside the policy scope, things in weed world are as hype as ever. February saw some of the sensations of 2016 readily available to masses, old-school legends being cultivated by transplanted dutch masters and Terpenes! God, the terpenes…

We’ve collected our list of February’s hitters for your enjoyment.

Zkittlez: Own the champion! 

Emergency action alert: the Dookie Brothers rendition of Zkittlez that won both The Emerald Cup and The Golden Tarp Awards is available to the masses in California. This elite-of-the-elite rendition of 2016’s hypest strain is the highest-end outdoor cannabis you can get your hands on at the moment — without a doubt.

We asked Jason Dookie about the hype around the strain right now:

“It’s basically like where’s Waldo right now,” Jason said. “We’re trying to spread the love.”

Jason went on to note that everything they’re producing these days is gone instantaneously and that, while they’re doing their best to drop it to someone new every time, it is not currently available in SoCal or Colorado.

Harry Resin’s Super Silver Haze: It’s like buying sushi in Japan.

Harry Resin spent decades cultivating alongside the Dutch masters. Obviously the Super Silver Haze he is running these days is going to be a fantastic example of the hypest nugs the 1990s had to offer, back when it won the Triple Crown at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. If you want to celebrate the 20th anniversary of that first cup without buying a plane ticket, this is definitely your best bet.

Larry OG: SoCal travels well!

I had to pick an OG that wasn’t on my Hype OGs list from earlier in the month — a strains of the month list without a good OG would be uncivilized. I went with Larry OG. The multiple time awards winner is sure to tickle your fancy if you like your pot jars to smell like gasoline and pine forests, basically the opposite of a Smokey the bear commercial!

Gello and Mochi Gelato: The Newest and best recipes!

Gelato hype is continuous in California due to the wide number of phenos out there. While we love a good Larry Bird or Acai, we must remind folks the most developed members of the family at this point are the Jello and Mochi. The time is not far off when you’ll travel to California and be glad you know these things.

For the full tale of Gelato, check out the Sherbinski Sit Down in the next issue of Cannabis Now Magazine.


This month’s inaugural “Terp Alert” goes to the Headband Sugar Wax from Zlixir. This terpene-loaded blonde slurp is something to behold for sure. On opening the jar, your nostrils are slammed with a strong aroma of headband, which transitions over to the flavor 100 percent. When sampled off of low temperature quartz the piney lemon flavor is top shelf as they come and the matching uplifting high is on par with many elite offerings.

TELL US, what was your top strain from February?

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