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Enhance Your Daily Wellbeing with Eleven Acres

Eleven Acres


Enhance Your Daily Wellbeing with Eleven Acres

With over five years of hemp cultivation and a slew of accolades under their belt, Eleven Acres CBD products from Salt Creek Ranch are in a field of their own.

Back in 2014, Colorado famously passed Amendment 64, legalizing recreational cannabis in Colorado and allowing for growing hemp. Serendipitously, the Farm Bill also passed in the same year, giving the Centennial State a five-year head start of hemp cultivation experience.

Salt Creek Ranch, a family-run operation in Plateau Valley on Colorado’s Western Slope, converted a section of their cattle ranch to hemp production in 2015, shortly after Amendment 64 was passed and the 2014 Farm Bill came into effect.

One of the first hemp farms in the region, mother and daughter team Fran and Margaret MacKenzie combine organically primed soil, healthy cover crops and pure mountain air with unrivaled experience to produce only the highest quality hemp and hemp extract products. Theirs is a vertically integrated, hands-on approach to hemp farming, from daily toil in the fields to harvesting crops by hand.

Not only are they committed to making only the very best products, Fran and Margaret are also committed to sustainable, regenerative farming, a dedication to organic ingredients and a belief in the power of plant-based wellness.

As a result of all their hard work, the team is highly regarded in the hemp industry. In 2017, Margaret was the first female ‘Featured Farmer’ for the Hemp History Week campaign. She is also a board member of the Colorado Hemp Industries Association, part of the Colorado CHAMP Initiative and co-founders of Hemp on the Slope, hosting immersive events on their farm and welcoming people to enjoy a field to table experience like no other. Margaret is also the Hemp Advisor to the country of Antigua and Barbuda, helping to develop and steer a thriving hemp industry in the Caribbean nation.

Eleven Acres CBD Products from Salt Creek Ranch

Salt Creek Ranch established Eleven Acres, their new line of CBD products, to share their unique perspective as female hemp producers and bring their quality products to market.

Salt Creek uses only the purest, safest methods to consistently grow quality, small-batch whole flower hemp for their Eleven Acres products, while the extraction process retains the most complete and robust profile and complete combination of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The new line of products from Eleven Acres includes skincare, tinctures, softgels, bath soaks and salves. Simple, straightforward ingredients work alongside the 100% full-spectrum hemp extract and essential oils. Each batch of finished product is third-party tested to ensure their botanical remedies deliver the potency and purity published on their labels.

Their whole flower hemp extract products use hemp grown right in their fields. Their softgels and tinctures are suspended in certified organic hemp seed oil, which adds additional benefits of Omega fatty acids and protein.

Pre-measured and easy to use, the soft gels combine Eleven Acres proprietary, Colorado-grown, full-spectrum hemp with organic hemp seed oil.

The skincare line includes body lotion, lip balm, moisturizers, salves, face masks and hand cream

Eleven Acres is a fresh face on a resurgent crop, using regenerative farming, unparalleled expertise and an established reputation for product excellence to develop products that enhance your daily wellbeing.

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