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Dr. Norm’s Partners with Cannabis Now on CBD Cookie

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Dr. Norm’s Partners with Cannabis Now on CBD Cookie

The hemp-infused pecan shortbread cookie contains 15mg of CBD.

Dr. Norm’s, a well-respected and established brand in the cannabis culinary space, has recently expanded its offerings to include a line of hemp CBD products. Now, the family-run company that found its initial success with a non-medicated cookie line carried in places like Whole Foods, has also partnered with the team at Cannabis Now to offer a pecan shortbread cookie with 15 mg of CBD. And, true to one of the pillars of Dr. Norm’s business ethos of honoring taste first, not only does the cookie taste like a delicious buttery pillow of CBD decadence, but it also has the power to bring families closer together.

“It’s all about the taste for us,” says Roberta Wilson, who founded the company with her brother Jeff Koz in 2012.

Dr. Norm’s is named after the pair’s father, who was a physician, and their mother, who was also a medical professional and, as family legend says, an incredible baker.

“Now, you might think it’s crazy that a brother and sister (our other brother is a silent partner) would team up, hunker down in the kitchen, and craft cannabis and hemp edibles in the name of their parents,” the company website reads. “But if you knew us, you’d know that that’s the type of people we are: hardworking, funny, caring folks that just want to give a little something back in the way our Mom and Dr. Norm did.”

Wilson is the baker who comes up with the cookie recipe creations that have expanded in recent years to offer gluten-free and vegan options. The collab cookie, Pecan Shortbread Therapy, will soon also be offered in a THC-infused version found in licensed cannabis dispensaries throughout California.

The CBD side of the company, Dr. Norm’s Wellness, is available throughout the U.S. The hemp is sourced from Colorado and is added to the cookies with a flavorless form of CBD concentrate called distillate. Using distillate as a base, the maximum flavor of the cookie’s other ingredients shine through without any herbaceous green weedy aftertaste. These cookies contain 15 mg of CBD and taste like we wouldn’t mind eating more than a few. 

In addition to the healing properties of CBD, the Pecan Shortbread Therapy Cookie also has an added feel-good bonus, as a portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to the Elephant Cooperation, an organization dedicated to helping the dwindling African elephant population, as well as local communities. Through Project Bake,  funds will also be provided to the Amson Education Centre in Mathare, Kenya.

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