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Different layers of walls at the United States, Mexico border where immigrants are shooting over barrels of cannabis from cannons.

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U.S.-Mexican Drug Smugglers Caught Firing Pot Across the Border

It is said that smoking marijuana tends to increase the user’s creativity.  Now, it seems that dealing marijuana may have the same effect.

In what has got to be one of the most innovative schemes ever concocted for defeating U.S. Border Patrol Agents, unknown smugglers have carted in some real heavy-duty firepower.  Only they’re not stuffing their cannons with bullets – they’re stuffing them with weed.

U.S. law enforcement has recovered over 30 large cans of marijuana that were apparently fired into Yuma, Arizona by a pneumatic cannon found just over the border on the Mexican side.  The smuggling attempt, which seems to have failed, marks one of the most creative – if not well-thought out – smuggling plans detected by police.

Border Patrol is treating the story like a victory, although Toke of the Town is quite logically pointing out that  the smugglers could possibly have pulled off their scheme many times in the past, undetected.

The cops recovered 85 pounds of marijuana, which they valued at about $500 per pound.  Guess getting fired out of a cannon doesn’t do much to improve a product’s worth.

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