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Lindsey Rinehart

Lindsey Rinehart was the Executive Director of Compassionate Idaho and was running a likely-to-be successful campaign to legalize medical marijuana in the state; preliminary polls suggested 84% of the state would vote in favor of such an initiative. Her children were taken into CPS custody for 17 days because she was open about using marijuana to treat her severe multiple sclerosis (MS), prompting Rinehart to flee Idaho for the safety of neighboring Oregon, where medical marijuana is legal. Rinehart's story went viral and has influenced the national dialogue on child removals for marijuana. Rinehart is currently the Executive Director and founder of the Undergreen Railroad and contributor to Cannabis Now Magazine. Undergreen Railroad is a new organization that fundraises to move marijuana patients out of prohibition states and into the safety of a state with recognized medical use laws. Lindsey is a freelance writer for Cannabis Now Magazine.

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