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10 Costumes To Get In the Halloweed Spirit

Photo courtesy of ResponsibleOhio


10 Costumes To Get In the Halloweed Spirit

It’s almost that time of the year where people let their hair down, put on fun costume and let the good times roll.

Whether you’re the type to go all out with an elaborate, fancy get-up or play it more low key while still having some holiday fun, these cannabis-inspired costumes will help you stay in the spirit.

Ganja God or Goddess

Embrace your inner deity within and represent the magical side of cannabis with this whimsical costume. Think “FernGully” meets Tinkerbell and go all out with flowing green clothing, a crown of cannabis leaves and a sparkling glitter pipe.

Cheech & Chong

Find your nearest, dearest smoke buddy and go for a comedic costume choice that’s guaranteed to garner smiles. Watch a few of the duo’s classic films to get into character, memorize a few of their well-known lines and get ready for a night of laughs.

DEA Agent

Some people need to be liked to get through life, but you like to live on the edge of decency. That’s why you want to embrace your dark side by calling forth inner villain. Dress in all black, don those classic capital letters on your back and give everyone a hard time due to your unsubstantiated suspicions.

Sister Mary Jane

Be everyone’s favorite girl this year by becoming the personified version of our favorite plant. Throw a green wrap around your head and spread the miraculous blessings of cannabis.

Buddie the Marijuana Mascot

There has been some controversy surrounding ResponsibleOhio’s pro-cannabis mascot, Buddie, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing your best to replicate the costume. Some key components to pulling this off include a cape, a cannabis leaf logo for your chest, green boots, gloves and endless enthusiasm.

Pot Brownie

Show the world you’re a valuable citizen in your community with this costume that lets you indulge your inner child while still repping cannabis. Find a vintage Girl Scout costume (check your local thrift store) and decorate your sash proudly with cannabis leaf patches and tell everyone about your good deeds.

Weed Doctor

Be the Santa Claus of Halloween by bringing one of the best gifts ever: a prescription for medical cannabis. Find a white doctor’s coat, stethoscope and keep your notepad handy, so that you can effectively diagnose and prescribe cannabis to your patients. Don’t forget to suggest a strain!

Indica and Sativa

Grab your sweetheart and make it a fun-filled date night or pick one and keep your fingers crossed that your match will be somewhere out there on Halloween night. You can keep it simple with custom or homemade shirts or go all out. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to bring the munchies.

Weed Celebrity

You can really take your pick with this choice, as there are so many people in the spotlight that openly celebrate cannabis. Be an entertainer like Snoop Dogg Dina, an advocate like Steve DeAngelo or find your own canna-celeb to imitate. Just do your research!

Your Favorite Strain

This is the perfect pick for a last minute decision to join in the festivities without investing too much time in your costume. Be creative! Go Leafly style and wear your strain on your shirt like an element, wear lots of faux buds and tell everyone who you are when they ask or embody the characteristics of your fave strain and explain later.

What are you going to be for Halloween? Tell us in the comments.

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