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Show-Me CBD Shuffle: Missouri Introduces CBD-only Legislation

A blue tincture bottle full of CBD oil next to a half full dropper is now the only form of marijuana legal in Missouri.


Show-Me CBD Shuffle: Missouri Introduces CBD-only Legislation

Missouri joined the ranks of states mulling CBD-only legislation. On Tuesday the bill will be heard in the capitol, Jefferson City. The hearing will focus on legislation to legalize CBD as a back-up treatment for persons suffering from epilepsy and allow the state Department of Agriculture to oversee production and license distribution of CBD extracts to Missouri patients or parents of patients.

House Bill 2238 has rallied bipartisan support, including house Speaker Timothy Jones (R-Eureka). While medical cannabis is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia, many are considering CBD-only medical marijuana bills because it can be less focused on marijuana.

High-CBD strains with low levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are classified as industrial hemp. HB 2238 only refers to “hemp extract.” The bill was encouraged in part by Rep. Eric Schmitt (R-St. Louis) who has a child suffering from epilepsy.

“You can’t get high on it. It can help some families,” he said.

HB 2238 focuses on state-made extracts, includes a registry, and does not create growing rights for patients. Sponsoring Rep. Caleb Jones explained that there’s understandable urgency because “people’s lives are at stake.”

The Show-Me State is one of many that had refused previous attempts to improve cannabis laws or protect medical patents. This trend has finally broken with other canna-hostile states like Utah, which passed the first CBD-only law last month. Alabama and South Carolina also moving ahead with similar legislation. Though it’s still a long way from becoming law, Missouri’s bill has a better chance than other cannabis reforms in the state.

People can share their views on HB 2238 with Representatives at:

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