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Issue 18
Print Edition (132 pages)
published December 2015

What’s Inside Issue 18

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Editor’s Note By Dave Carpenter p.07
Political Update By Roger Maple p.10
Sun Moon and Star Grown: A cannabis holy man finds enlightenment in the ancient plant that connects humanity itself By Ellen Holland p.18
Shark Attack: The glass art of Niko Cray p.20
Growing Happy GirlsThe science of genetic plant sexing is shaping cannabis gardens in legalized Oregon. By Angela Bacca  p.26
PTSD – The Incomplete Story By Marcel O. Bonn-Miller  p.32
The Racial Divide: A look at discriminatory policing in the cannabis industry By Julia Clark-Riddell p.37
Ganja Globetrotters: A guide to low-profile cannabis locales around the world. By Jane Stone p.43
Jamaica – The Rhythm of Change By Rick Pfrommer p.46
The Cannabis Now Interview with Melissa Etheridge By Dave Carpenter p.50
The $100 Billion Industry: America’s next top industry could be just around the corner. Jeremy Daw p.58
High Society – The Future of Cannabis Functions By K. Astre p.62
Strain Review: Blackberry Kush By Dru West p.64
The Gold Seal of Approval Photographs by Ron Goldman p.68
Top 25 Cannabusinesses of 2015
Mendo Dope – A New Strain of Sound
By Ellen Holland  p.80
Stay Slim with Sativa
By Dragonfly de la Luz p.86
Dispensary Profile: Oregon’s Finest By Brandon Krenzler p.89
Book Review: Stoned – A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana Reviewed by K. Astre p.90
Film Review: Rolling Papers Reviewed by Mike Adams p.90
Model Material – Building with Hempcrete By Jim Willmot p. 97
Edibles: Cannabis Courses – More Herb, Please Recipes by Laurie and MaryJane p.100
Pot for Pets: Medical Cannabis Holds Promise for Ailing Animals. By Susan Tasaki p.108
CannaNative: Opportunities for Sovereign Nations to Create a Cannabis Banking System. By Tim Strombel p.112
2016 Cannabis Events p.114
Access to Underserved: The Challenges of Accessing Medicine By Greg Zeman p.116
Cannabis Conversations: Tips For Talking to Kids About Cannabis. By Cheri Sicard p.118
Winter Gift Guide: Vapir Prima, AnnaBís Melissa Multi-Case, Ablaze Jars, Kannastör GR8TR, HUF Plantlife Socks, The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, The Safety Case, Muad-Dib by Magic Flight, Vipova Black Tea with CBD, Aunt Sadie’s Medical Marijuana Scented Candle p.120
The United States of Prohibition: History Set to Repeat Itself. By Mike Adams p.124

Cannabis Now is a group of individuals passionate about the topic of cannabis and the debate surrounding it.

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