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PTSD Patients File Lawsuit for Right to Medical Marijuana

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PTSD Patients File Lawsuit for Right to Medical Marijuana

PTSD patients maintain that the state has caused hardship by not allowing them to treat their condition with medical cannabis.

In response to the Colorado Board of Health’s recent decision to not allow post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to be considered a qualified condition under the state’s medical marijuana law, a group of patients have filed a lawsuit against local government officials in hopes of getting the decision reversed.

Last Thursday, five PTSD patients filed a lawsuit with the Denver District Court, disputing July’s ruling in which the state refused to accept PTSD as a legitimate medical condition. The suit argues that it has been more than 15 years since Colorado added a new qualified condition to the list. And even with a solid recommendation from a leading state health official, the panel still neglected to act in the best interest of the patients.

At the root of the Board of Health’s decision is the fact that there is no federal study that suggests cannabis is effective in treating PTSD. The board said that while there are anecdotal reports that marijuana can ease the symptoms of this condition, more concrete evidence was needed before the state would allow PTSD to be recognized under program rules.

“The board in effect established a standard that was impossible to meet,” Bob Hoban, the attorney representing the patients, told The Associated Press. “They insist on having a federal study, which in effect is a futile standard.”

Even though Colorado has a recreational marijuana market in play, many of these patients are on fixed incomes and cannot afford the additional 28 percent tax that comes attached to this sector. Furthermore, some argue that dispensaries don’t carry effective strains and that personal cultivation isn’t always an option due to housing restrictions.

Officials with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment now have 21 days to issue a response to the complaint. However, a hearing date for this issue has not been set.

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  1. Doug R.

    September 7, 2015 at 5:38 am

    PTSD has been part of my life for 30 years, pills pills and more pills, the VA had me numb and soulless for all the pharmaceuticals. Enter medical cannabis. No more pills, I can engage with people again, the night sweats are much more seldom as are the nightmares, I can leave my house without a battle plan and a weapon in my belt. I currently live in a Draconian state that would jail me and throw the key away if they found me with my medicine. So I’ve researched legal medical use states, Colorado is no longer on my list due to this ruling. I shall be moving to Maine which has one of the best medical cannabis programs in the country and they recognize PTSD and even have discounts for combat veterans like myself seeking help.

  2. Sandra Privett

    August 27, 2015 at 7:15 pm

    I’ve been using marijuana to manage my ptsd since 2001 and it has saved my life.

  3. Roxann Allen

    August 26, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    Dear congress

    My name is Roxann Allen. I am woman, daughter, sister, niece & wife. Out of all these things that I have named of myself 3 of them have been inflected with a disease. And if it were not for the use of medical marijuana I could of lost one or all three of these people that I love. I am an advocate for the use of medical marijuana & the decriminalization of this plant that grows naturally on our earth. The first of these family members who have greatly benefited from the use of medical marijuana happens to be a War Hero / Veteran that suffers from sever PTSD. I have had to talk this person down from jumping off a ledge & running their car off the road. Once this person decided to try medical marijuana the effects of their PTSD became easier to handle. It also became easier for them to cope with there surrounding. Here is a War Hero that could of become a statistic without the help of medical marijuana. There are too many War Heros that are not getting enough help. But if they used medical marijuana they could see a better life. These War Heroes need our help. And the benefits of medical marijuana could save our War Heroes from being a statistic. The next person I love was my 35 year old husband who was inflicted with cancer. He was not an advocate for the use of medical marijuana. But when he was going though chemo every week and lost over 100 pounds due to the invasive drugs that they use to kill his cancer. And the twice daily wound care that he had to endure. I encouraged him to try the medical marijuana because he was wasting away before my eyes and our children’s too. Then he finally agreed to try the medical marijuana. Within the hour he told me that he was hungry. It had been nearly 3 months since I had seen him eat an solid food. After this he became an advocate for the use of medical marijuana for all cancer patients. The last person who needs the use of medical marijuana is myself. Through no fault of my own. I was in a car accident that almost left me paralyzed. Even though I was wearing my seatbelt I crushed a few of my vertebra. This concluded in me having surgery that fused my spine and had Herrington rods place on either side of spine to stabilize me. What means from the middle of my back to my tail bone there are titanium rods holding my spine together. I have tried many different medicine prescribed by doctors. But nothing can compare to the use of medical marijuana. Each of the prescribed drugs made me feel like an addict. But with my use of medical marijuana I did not feel that way. With the use of medical marijuana it was easier for me to walk, bend over like I have not been able to do since this accident. Now I know that the number of people who conceive that medical marijuana is a gate way drug. I’m here to say that it is not a gate way drug. They do not know how people feel that have diseases. Let them see a War Hero with PTSD. A young dad trying to fight cancer to see his sons grow up. Or feel what chronic pain in your back and neck feels like. Medical marijuana should be decriminalized to help these people and all others that find that medical marijuana helps them. There would be many benefits to the government to help our country get out of debt. It would also help with the overpopulation of prisons. Free up cops to investigate other crimes. And lessen the burden on tax payers who pay for the judges and juries who need to also be paid. We’re here today because the use of medical marijuana could not only helps suffers but could also help the government with the tax revenue that it would bring in. Now you congress please tell me. Would you deny a War Hero who fought to keep our country free the use of medical marijuana. Or would you rather see him as another dead statistic due to a war you sent them too. Or tell a dad to just waste away in front of his children because the chemo has made him to sick to eat. Medical marijuana could help many people who didn’t have hope before begin to see that there is lots of hope with the use of medical marijuana. Decriminalization of the use of medical marijuana could help thousands people. In closing I would just like you to think of what you would do if you saw your wife husband brother sister uncle aunt or any other family member wasting away. And maybe in those last few days the medical marijuana could have given them a few last days of happiness. What Would you want for them. What wouldn’t you do for them. I would want to enjoy every minute I had with them. As they would want to enjoy it minute they had left with me or you. Decriminalization of medical marijuana would not only help the people using it but also the workers, buildings , lights and Tax Revenue it would generate could bring our great country back to greatness.

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