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Product Review: The DipStick

Dip Stick In Action

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Product Review: The DipStick

Photos by Gracie Malley

Product Review: The DipStick

A veritable watercolor pallet of choice concentrates is presented for a taste test and, when coupled with the DipStick, become errl excellente.

With no hesitation, the digital wand dips in the outstanding concentrate selections allowing for steady, easy pulls. This new pen can best be described as a Nectar Collector for the digital age. By taking the heating element outside of the pen, the DipStick avoids the sticky perils associated with loading wax in a traditional vape pen. When running the heating element over some ZLixer Gold Dust live resin, the pen is tapped to advance the hit into a large plume of smoke. No teeny dabs for us, the DipStick starts and closes the dab day.

Woman with Green Finger Nails Uses Dip Stick


$199.99 / Click here to purchase.
[Originally published in issue 15 of Cannabis Now.]

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