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PBS Travel Guru Rick Steves to Stump for Pot Ballot Question

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PBS Travel Guru Rick Steves to Stump for Pot Ballot Question

BOSTON (AP) — Travel guru Rick Steves is set to tour Massachusetts in support of a pro-marijuana ballot question.

Steves is host of the PBS series “Rick Steves’ Europe” and a long-time advocate of easing marijuana laws.

Steves plans to make three stops across the state next month to stump for Question 4, which would legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

In a statement, Steves said there are many reasons to end the prohibition on pot, including redirecting money from criminals and into state coffers. Steves plans to donate up to $100,000 to the campaign.

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey and Democratic Boston Mayor Marty Walsh oppose Question 4. They say legalizing marijuana could be a gateway to harder drugs, including opioids, which have caused a crisis in Massachusetts.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lawrence Goodwin

    September 23, 2016 at 6:12 pm

    To the contrary, Ms. Healey, Mr. Baker and Mr. Walsh, legal prescription drugs are now widely recognized as the most direct road to heroin and fentanyl, etc. Take your hatred of cannabis plants and shove it! You are lying to your constituents about these plants’ seedless female flowers. If anything, such cut-and-dried flowers and their many derivatives lead people down another road, away from harder drugs. I lived in the outskirts of Boston for 7 years, and one day I recorded a really fitting rap song on a college radio station. A simple lyric said it best: “Weed/It’s all that I need.”

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