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Issue 20
Print Edition (124 pages)
published April 20, 2016

What’s Inside Issue 20

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Editor’s Note By Dave Carpenter p.07
Political Update By Owen Poindexter p.11
The Electric Grid By Sean Quinn p.15
Weed Weddings By Angela Bacca p.22
Edibles: Canna-Croquembouche By Laurie and Maryjane p.27
Wellness, Not Intoxication By Steve DeAngelo p.28
America’s Pastry Pioneer: James Beard award-winning chef Mindy Segal launches a line of edibles. By Julia Clark-Riddell p.33
Buds and Baby Boomers By Dragonfly de la Luz p.37
A Dab of CBD By Greg Zeman p.39
Feel the Bern: How Bernie Sanders changed the game for cannabis in America. By Jeremy Daw p.40
The Grey Area: Amsterdam, long thought of as the preeminent global refuge for cannabis lovers, becomes a decidedly different scene. By Caitlin Podiak p.46
Banjo The Glass Jedi By Oscar Pascual p.50
South of the Border: Drug cartels from Colombia to Mexico are watching helplessly as legalized cannabis sweeps the region. By Mitchell Colbert p.53
Farm to Body Healing: High-powered CBD topicals gain popularity. By K. Astre p.55
Who’s Got the Real Cookies?
The masterful branding behind Girl Scout Cookies creates an iconic cannabis strain. By Rick Pfrommer p.59
Strain Review: Do-Si-Dos By Timothy Anderson p.60
Grown Under the Oregon Sun: Cultivation and breeding experts Supermodel Seeds create a sungrown haven in the newly legal Northwest. By Caitlin Podiak p.65
Q&A with John Salley: The former Pistons Bad Boy talks candidly about cannabis in the NBA. By Oscar Pascual p.70
Medicine in Transit By Laura Notini p.75
Crafting a Sweet Strain: As consumer palates become ever-more sophisticated, creating mind-blowing cannabis can mean wrestling with sometimes unstable genetics. By Dave Carpenter p.76
Top 12 Seed Companies p.82
Film Review: Grass Fed Reviewed by K. Astre p.85
Book Review: Three a Light By Dave Carpenter p.86
Rosin Up Your Rig: Creating a flavorful concentrate from the comfort of your own home. By Greg Zeman p.89
Marijuana Music: Today’s 10 best albums to get high. By Ricardo Baca p.94
Beyond Budtenders: A community of medical professionals at the ready and focused on the medical utility of cannabis. By Alice O’Leary-Randall p.98
Five Healthy Hemp Foods p.103
Real Good Herb and the Solar Solution: A solar-powered dispensary promotes the values of sustainable cannabis. By Ellen Holland p.104
Product Reviews: Gear up for festival season. p.110
Industry Events: Cannabis cups, conferences & summits. By Julia Clark-Riddell p.116


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