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Denver Police Uncover Marijuana Robbery Heist

Police post up at a dispensary in Colorado after they recieved a tip-off that a heist was going to take place across dispensaries in Denver.


Denver Police Uncover Marijuana Robbery Heist

Earlier this month, Denver police alerted the media of a plot to rob marijuana transporters across the metro area. According to the police, they received “credible information” that couriers, typically transporting product between the grow house or edible kitchen and the dispensary may be robbed. Although details of the heist were not released, dispensaries in the area were notified and asked to take extra precaution.

Marijuana dispensaries in Colorado are believed to be a big target for robbers. Currently, there is no banking system in place for dispensaries to deposit the money they earn. Although the state just approved a co-op banking option for marijuana centers and the Obama administration has requested banks begin accepting money from these companies, large financial institutions remain wary and are waiting to propose change until federal regulations on marijuana evolve.

Many cannabis dispensaries are taking extra precautions to avoid sending an invitation to thieves. Cameras, safes and alarm systems in dispensaries are mandated by the state. Automatic-locking double steel doors are common in dispensaries, as is bullet proof glass between the customer and front desk associate. Many centers take it a step further by hiring newly-created marijuana security companies that specialize in the protection of centers and cannabis couriers.

What do you think? Should the federal government resolve the banking problems associated with legal cannabis sales? Tell us in the comments below.

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