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Happy Buds: Marijuana for Any Occasion

The cover of the book Happy Buds atop a bamboo placemat. On top of the book is a Zippo and an unrolled blunt.


Happy Buds: Marijuana for Any Occasion

There’s a bud for that!

World renowned marijuana expert Ed Rosenthal and his faithful team spent countless hours puffing to answer every stoner’s burning question: “What weed should I smoke now?” Results of their tireless research are collected in this handy guide, Happy Buds: Marijuana for Any Occasion.

Now, we’ll never make the mistake of ripping a bong load of couch potato bud moments before embarking on a trek through the forest. Happy Buds puts the perfect marijuana strain for the moment in the hands of every cannabis user, from occasional toker to 24/7 pothead.

Marijuana cultivation has become a competitive science: new specialized varieties are created every year to join the hundreds already available.

Happy Buds sorts over 80 different strains into 30 categories, including:

Cinematic Buds

Try Master Kush or Kiwiskunk for nights spent watching The Big Lebowski or Half Baked.

Intellectual Buds

Rosenthal, a serious bookworm and prolific writer, advises Thai-Tanic or White Satin as the ideal herbal aids before sitting down to crank out that term paper.

Fitness Buds

Mako Haze or Apollo 13BX are strongly recommended as a way to get amped up before a vigorous workout.

Gettin’ it on Buds

Put your lips to some Passion Queen or CannaSutra before giving in to your carnal desires. Ed Rosenthal, author of the most popular resource guide to the best varieties of marijuana, The Big Book of Buds, knows that there is a strain for every occasion. Complete with aroma and flavor descriptions, food and drink recipes, cannabis etiquette tips, and information on how to score seeds, Happy Buds is the ultimate guide for the cannabis user who wants to live life to the highest.

First appeared in Issue 3 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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