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Amsterdam’s Cannabis Culture is Changing

Speak Easy Coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Photo by Massimo Catarinella


Amsterdam’s Cannabis Culture is Changing

Although there are many places in the world that have a reputation for not only having great cannabis but an even better cannabis culture, there’s one place on the planet that takes the cake. Amsterdam is known globally as a hotspot for tourists who want to experience Dutch cafes and coffeeshops where they can indulge in strain after strain, but the climate surrounding marijuana is slowly changing.

Though the country appears to happily host the world’s stoners, beneath the surface there’s a major shift in politics happening with laws and regulations becoming more restricted. The crackdown followed years of complaints from countries like France, Germany and even Great Britain complaining of cannabis being imported into their countries. Because of this, many shops were being forced to close, relocate or offer limited hours.

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