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The Essential Father’s Day Marijuana Gift Guide 2018

Fathers Day Smoking Marijuana Gift Guide Cannabis Now
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The Essential Father’s Day Marijuana Gift Guide 2018

The holiday dedicated to celebrating dad has arrived, and this year more fathers will have access to legal marijuana than ever before!

Making sure dads all over the world get the best cannabis possible is a sizeable part of the push to normalize cannabis, one of Cannabis Now’s founding missions. We don’t want fathers to the roll the dice on questionable cannabis — and we definitely don’t want them to fall victim to overpriced mids in regulated markets.

If your dad is the type who reminisces about hot knifing or who uses a titanium nail he bought around the end of Obama’s first term, you should go buy the guy who gave you life some quartz!

For those who have fathers who are just coming around to the cannabis scene, check out these cannabis-infused gift ideas that are sure to let your father know you love him and are excited to share the plant with him.

Fancy Rolling Materials

Shine Papers Cannabis Now Magazine

Did you wonder as a child why your dad rolled his own cigarettes and liked ice cream so much more than the other dads? Well, times are a changing, and he might not even know he doesn’t have to smoke bleached mystery papers anymore or even run from the cops when puffing. There are so many great options in the modern era for the casual smoker, including papers from companies like Element and Raw. For those fellas with a bit more moxie, one might recommend 24k gold rolling papers from Shine or exotic backwoods from the Instagram black market.

Cannabis-Infused Epsom Salts

Whoopi Maya Bath Soak Cannabis Now Father's Day

For some reason beyond us, people tend to talk about medicated Epsom salts as “a lady thing.” We’re not sure how that started and who decided that baths had a gender, but there are definitely plenty of fathers out there using Epsom salt to treat their ailments — especially ailments such as sore feet, tight muscles and the general aches and pains of aging. This is a great under-the-radar pick.

A Huge Bag of Glut-Priced Marijuana

California Marijuana Distribution Regulation Federal Government Cannabis Now

Pot is super cheap in most legal states this month! While California’s industry attempts to offload everything from last year before regulations kick in on July 1, in places like Oregon, Nevada and Colorado, pot is already pretty cheap. Know what wasn’t cheap? That time you hit the neighbor’s new car, so get your dad a bunch of great weed. He deserves it.

A Weed Tour!

Does your dad specialize in cannabis theory, where the facts are a little loose but he’s well-intentioned? What better way to get his folklore up to snuff than a scenic tour of the birthplace of the medical marijuana movement in the United States: San Francisco. You and dad will be whisked away by Emerald Farm Tours to hit many of the city’s finest dispensers of cannabis. Along the way, you’ll hear the tale of Dennis Peron and other activists that helped make Proposition 215 a reality 20 years ago, all while smoking some of the finest marijuana on the planet. Be sure to keep an eye out for their special celebrity-run tours where you can have a guide such as frequent Cannabis Now contributor and popular stand-up comic Ngaio Bealum.

Cannabis Cookies

Pot leaf cookies dusted with green sprinkles were made with canna-butter.

Dads love cookies, and you’ve known this since grade school when you discovered Santa wasn’t real and it was your father eating the cookies the entire time. But now cookies are on a whole new level from your childhood because they have weed in them! Whether chocolate chip, oatmeal or the always-popular snickerdoodle, cookies are right for every occasion. Plus, most companies don’t make them nearly as strong as home cannabis bakers used to, so you don’t have to worry about him going overboard!

TELL US, does your father enjoy cannabis?

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