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Get High & Creative With ‘The Stoner Babes Coloring Book’

Stoner Babes Coloring Book
Images Courtesy of ‘The Stoner Babes Coloring Book’


Get High & Creative With ‘The Stoner Babes Coloring Book’

Portland artist Katie Guinn wants to help you unlock your creativity with her new book that celebrates women and weed, ‘The Stoner Babes Coloring Book.’

Adult coloring books have been around for several decades, becoming more popular in recent years as people look for ways to unwind and decompress from their screen-soaked lives.

According to the experts, coloring activates different areas of our two cerebral hemispheres, which has a stress-reducing effect. Psychologist Gloria Martínez Ayala tells The Huffington Post, coloring “brings out our imagination and takes us back to our childhood, a period in which we most certainly had a lot less stress.”

You know what else helps reduce stress? Yeah, you guessed it: cannabis.

Katie Guinn’s new book, “The Stoner Babes Coloring Book,” is an adult coloring book inspired by the beauty of women and gender fluid people who savor the qualities of the cannabis plant.”

Guinn knew from the beginning that she wanted to create something that felt genuine and not gimmicky and represented the beauty of both women and the cannabis plant.

“The whole point for me was to represent diversity and inspire others to be more open and proud of their love for marijuana since it literally saves so many people’s lives,” Guinn said. “And to reclaim the words, ‘stoner’ and ‘babe’.”

The women featured in the book are empowered, intelligent and motivated.

“A little while after I started, I had a thought that I could ask the participants what empowerment means to them, and I’m really happy we did that because this project is all about empowerment,” Guinn said. “I knew so many bad *ss women who make sh*t happen in the world, and also partake, so this was always meant to showcase them, the women who inspired the concept.”

Guinn said that in creating the coloring book it was important for her to represent a wide swath of cannabis consumers.

“It was vital to me to represent a variety of people from varying backgrounds, ethnicity, size, shape, color, age, discipline and region,” she said.

To create the book she worked from both photos she took as well as photos stoner babes sent in. She started with hand drawing with pencil followed by black ink and then refined the images in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Genesy Rogers, a model and actress from Portland who is featured on the cover, was both the first woman Guinn reached out to be part of the book and the first women she drew.

“I bow down to her black girl magic,” Guinn said. “I’ve always admired her multi-faceted beauty and inspirational Instagram posts. She’s a magnificent woman who I dreamed of working with.”

Guinn’s attention to detail makes the book feel personal, like you’re making new friends. “I incorporated aspects of their personalities I knew about them, like favorite flowers, books and other beautiful things in the world they love,” Guin said. “Those I didn’t know very well, I asked them questions to ensure each illustration represented those individuals as well as I was able.”

Guinn said she hopes that people feel connected to the women within the pages, like they’ve found their tribe.

“I hope that some people’s minds are changed about what it means to be a stoner and a babe,” Guinn said. “We are all babes. And I hope that, by reading about empowerment while coloring and connecting to these people within its pages, that we as humans will gain more connection and openness as opposed to the distance being attempted by *ssholes.”

While Guinn doesn’t have to be high to get her in the zone, she still loves the cannabis and creativity combination.

“I absolutely love getting high and making art,” she said when asked how smoking affects her art. “It helps me focus in and opens my creative channels, for sure. When I’m high in the woods, or at the ocean, I get ideas and also inspirations.”

So grab yourself a copy and light a joint. With this book, you can combine the soothing effects of coloring and cannabis and contemplate what empowerment means to you.

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