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Step Into Eco-Friendly Fashion With Weedo Shoes

8000Kicks WEEDO
Photos courtesy of 8000Kicks


Step Into Eco-Friendly Fashion With Weedo Shoes

Made by the sustainable hemp brand 8000Kicks, Weedo is a shoe that breaks the stigma by proudly embracing it.

In today’s cannabis industry, there’s an immense array of products ranging from flower to cartridges, concentrates and extracts, to edibles and topicals. And then there are all of the ancillary smoking accessories: pipes, rolling paper kits, bongs, vapes, dab-rigs—you name it. There are also lifestyle products created for the cannabis lovers such as artwork, clothing, backpacks, watches, sunglasses and even shoes made of real CBD flower. Yes, you heard that right! We’re talking about the Weedo Hemp Shoes, created by the sustainable hemp fashion brand 8000Kicks.

Weedo is a shoe that breaks the outdated stigma around cannabis consumption by proudly embracing it. To complement the excitement around this unique new cannabis footwear, the Portuguese-American company launched a massive and wild publicity stunt in Berlin last fall to gain further global attention.

Loudly and proudly embracing cannabis, Weedo is a limited-edition shoe with a huge cannabis impact.

Making the First Ever CBD Hemp-Based Shoes

Weedo is a shoe model that was created through a partnership by 8000Kicks and Royal Queen Seeds, with manufacturing execution by Nisiseltor Studio. The Weedo shoe has an exclusive inventory of only 100 pairs available in the world making it a special collector’s item for weed enthusiasts.

Each shoe is handcrafted with 500mg of premium CBD flower, using an industrial grinder to break the weed flower into small pieces before it’s meticulously glued together onto the shoe. In all, the process takes around 30 hours to carefully manufacture each pair.

When building the first prototype of the Weedo shoe model, the team used a full bag of 500g of CBD hemp flower. The flower covered the upper and bottom filling and also the heel and tongue of the shoe. For a more consistent and durable form, multiple layers of ground-up CBD flower were used to cover the upper part of the shoe. After, the layers and panels of the shoe are manually stitched so the shoe can strongly stay intact with normal wear.

Cannabis Now Team Member Shelby Nelson is thrilled with her exclusive pair of Weedo cannabis shoes. Arriving in a polished wooden case, the opening experience is like none other. “You can tell they are high-quality, and a lot of time and care went into making the shoes,” she says. “They have a pleasant and freshy, herby smell, which I wasn’t expecting.”

While we imagine these shoes are as comfortable as the rest of 8000Kicks hemp apparell, Nelson shares that these are simply too special to hit the ground.

“Personally I would never wear them since they are a one-of-a-kind type of shoe,” she says. “I would display them in a plexiglass case to protect them. I view the shoes more as an art piece rather than wearable clothing.”

Weedos are completely made of real CBD bud—which means that the flower itself will eventually turn brownish as hemp flower dries up and colorizes over time. Considering the authenticity of these CBD hemp flower shoes, these details all make each pair of Weedo shoes a truly unique fashion statement.

In all, the Weedo shoe looks, feels and smells like cannabis. However, 8000Kicks stresses the fact that these shoes are meant solely for wearing—not smoking!

8000Kicks Publicity Stunt
Weedo shoes break the outdated stigma around cannabis consumption.

Head to Toe in Hemp

Aside from the exclusive Weedo shoes, 8000Kicks is a leading brand in hemp-based eco-fashion. Not only is 8000Kicks actively breaking the stigma with their line of hemp-based backpacks and shoes, but each shoe and accessory is contributing to more carbon-conscious fashion apparel.
Today, the team at 8000Kicks has traveled all along Europe, China and the United States with their line of hemp based shoes. “Traveling to each new location, all you typically get is a bunch of excited security officers amazed at a shoe made fully from hemp,” one team member told Cannabis Now.

As a digitally native brand around the globe, 8000Kicks has executed successful Kickstarter Campaigns, gathering around 2,500 preorders for the first shoes and 5,000+ for hemp backpacks and accessories. The team looks forward to continuing this excitement around eco-friendly hemp-based fashion with their exclusive Weedo CBD shoes.

Why Hemp?

The ancient, endless uses and benefits of hemp we know of today are what inspired 8000Kicks to produce not just the incredible all CBD flower Weedo shoe, but an entire line of shoes, backpacks and accessories for men and women made solely from hemp.

Long before legalization and the trending cannabis culture, hemp was a multi-purpose plant used in herbal medicines, sacred practices or rituals, and even as a resource in many ancient cultures and lifestyles. Fibers of hemp have been used for tools like rope, while the stalk and leaves have been used for utensils or textiles.

As a natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, all 8000Kicks hemp-based shoes are porous for more breathability on your feet (resulting in less smelly feet). The hemp material is also temperature regulating, making it the ideal footwear choice for every season of the year. Besides these obviously comfortable features and thoughtful details, each step in a pair of 8000Kicks shoes is making a more carbon conscious effort for the planet.

More Weedo Shoes Launching on 4/20

Because the Weedo shoes take so much time to create, every launch becomes an occasion worth celebrating. And the next release will be extra special with it falling on 4/20. You can sign up at this link to order a custom pair. Expected delivery is July 2024.

Weedo shoes are the perfect gift or fashion statement for any cannabis lover—from stoners to soccer moms to celebrities like Mike Tyson. In fact, the 8000Kicks team is working hard to make a pair of the weed shoes in his size in time for 4/20. Whether you’re wearing them or keeping them safe in a display case, the Weedo shoes are the perfect gift for yourself and others.

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