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Reefer’s Closet: Hemp Wearables, Beyond Your Basic Beanie


Reefer’s Closet: Hemp Wearables, Beyond Your Basic Beanie

Photos courtesy Coral Reefer

Reefer’s Closet: Hemp Wearables, Beyond Your Basic Beanie

The strong, mold-resistant fabric has been used for thousands of years as clothing — now is our chance to rediscover it.

Hemp clothing is nothing new. In fact, hemp is one of the oldest cultivated crops in the world, as archaeologists have found hemp cloth dating back to 8000 B.C.! It’s been grown by America’s founding fathers, uses less water than cotton and replenishes the soil as it grows. Many of the products I selected for this rundown of hemp clothing incorporate cotton into the fabric, bringing an extra softness to the strength and breathability of the material.

Spa Robe
If you’re a sweatpants loving person (who isn’t?), this is one step closer to ultimate comfort. Seriously, I’ve been wearing this robe way too much and it’s keeping me warm during the cold morning wake and bakes. The hemp fabric is lightweight, but not transparent at all, so nosey neighbors won’t get a free show. Hemp is also mold resistant, which is perfect for anything that stays hanging on the bathroom door!

Stoney Sunday Shirt
Full disclosure: this is my shirt! When I began creating merchandise to accompany my blog, hemp didn’t cross my mind. But thanks to the diligent reminders from reefers, I finally got on board. Once I started printing on hemp shirts, I never looked back! New color combinations are released occasionally, but this rasta fade is a classic that’s here to stay. All the shirts are printed in Santa Cruz, California.

Vans Hemp Linen Slip-on Shoes
Vans offers hemp shoes! This is not a drill! The super comfortable and long-lasting slip on Vans shoes can only be improved by making them with hemp. Vans stores are in malls across America, but these may not be stocked in all of them, so your best bet is ordering these online. I like the blanc de blanc (plain white) option, because it’s going to be a lot of fun getting stoned and doodling all over these like I’m in high school again.

Hemp Lumberjack Beanie
I couldn’t really list hemp wearables and not include a beanie. Wear it under your helmet while biking or snowboarding and it’ll keep you nice and toasty while also pulling away sweat from your head. Because it’s hemp, it won’t mold or get musty — no matter how long you go between washes. Hempys beanies are made in the USA, and if you’re not into this wheat color, there are several other choices on their website.

Originally published in Issue 26 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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