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Editor’s Note p.07
Political Update By Roger Maple p.14
Legal States, Local Bans By Alex Hirsch p.16
American Apartheid By Allan Erickson p.20
Get High the Yogi Way By Rae Lland p.24
Dispensary Profile: Clear Choice Collective in Tacoma By Michael Condon Jr. p.28
Legalization Comes to the Midwest: Interview with Amber Iris Langston By Angela Bacca p.32
Hempfest at the Crossroads: What Place Will the Classic “Protestival” Fill After the First Votes for Legalization? By Jeremy Daw p.36
Stiletto Stoners: Why More Woman are Choosing Cannabis over Alcohol By Dragonfly de la Luz p.48
How I Protect My Son By Dale Sky Jones p.50
The Trouble with Mary Jane’s Gender By Wendy Chapkis p.54
Objects of Desire: Decoupling Women and Weed By Maggie Kerr p.62
Can’t Handle the Truth By Jeremy Daw p.64
What’s Next in Washington, Colorado and Beyond: The Cannabis Now Interview with Mark Kleinman p.67
Legalization in Uruguay May Ripple Worldwide By Jeremy Daw p.70
Rover’s Rescue or Fido’s Fix? By Alaina Garcia p.73
Spider Mites: Public Enemy #1 By Ed Rosenthal p.74
The Story of Sungrown By Rick Pfrommer p.80
Strainhunters: Colombia By Angela Bacca p.84
Landraces: Why We Hunt Them By Franco Loja p.89
Cannabis Photography From Last Season’s Harvest p.92
Film Review: American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny p.100
Book Review: Rise of the Warrior Cop p.100
Strain Review: Ruderalis By Dragonfly De La Luz p.101
Product Spotlight: Kasher, The Bowl Band, Puff-N-Pass, Indica, Earthly Body Candle, Cheeba Chews Deca Dose, Medtainer p.102
Medical Edibles: Butternut Squash Risotto & Vegan Spice Pumpkin Donuts By Jessica Catalano p.104
Prohibition vs. Legalization By Chuck Lenatti p.109

Cannabis Now is a group of individuals passionate about the topic of cannabis and the debate surrounding it.

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