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Political Update By Roger Maple p.10
The U.S War on Knowledge By Jeremy Daw p.12
Dr. Mechoulam: A Decorated Veteran? By Jeremy Daw p.16
Dr. Sisley: A Prisoner of War? By Jeremy Daw p.21
Why Vape? A Cooler, Safer Way to Consume Cannabis By Chuck Lenatti p.24
What Legal Looks Like By Ray Noland p.30
Rocky Mountain High: For Real By Kabir Kumar p.32
Secretive Task Force By Toby Rogers p.35
A Breath of Fresh Green: Bloom Room Dispensary Profile By Katy Cain p.38
Strain Review: Purple Urkle By Jeremiah Johnson p.41
Weapons of Peace: Q&A with Robert Mickelsen By Julia Daigle p.52
Summer Care: Pest Management and Crop Maintenance By Snow High p.59
Edibles: The American Cannabis ‘Romulan” Ho-Ho Cupcake By Jessica Catalano p.63
Product Reviews: Method Seven, Trippador Pipes, Singing Bird Farm, CaliFresh Infusions, Pan’s Ink, Harvest Snips p.64-65
Film Review: The House I Live In p.66
Book Review: Too High to Fail p.67
Way Out West: In Post I-502 Washington State, Seattle Hempfest 2013 Catches Backlash By Toby Rogers p.68
Ambassadors By Valerie Leveroni Corral p.72
Purple State Politics By Jeremy Daw p.75
A Sporting Chance By Jeremy Daw p.77

Cannabis Now is a group of individuals passionate about the topic of cannabis and the debate surrounding it.

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