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Issue 6
Print Edition (124 pages)
published Spring 2013

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What’s Inside Issue 6

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Editor’s Note p.5
The Problem with Pot Prices By Jeremy Daw p.8
So You Want to Be a Grower? Calculating ROI and Weed Business By Angela Bacca p.12
Ganja Godfather By Toby Rogers p.14
Biofuel Showdown: Is Hemp America’s Best Hope for Energy Independence? By Paul Schneider p.22
Strain Hunters: Swaziland By Franco Loja p.28
Reaching the Tipping Point: With Two Major Victories in 2012, What is Next for the Legalization Movement in 2013? By Toby Rogers p.38
Strain Review: The Re-birth of AK-47 By James Sloop p.41
Coping with Cannabis: A Soldier’s Experience with PTSD By John Veit p.42
Spring Planting Preparation By Snow High p.48
Entrepreneur Highlights By Shawn DeNae p.56
Product Reviews: Magical Butter Oil and Tincture Maker, The Dube Pocket Vaporizer, Scientific Inhalations, The Magnum Micro Slider, The smoCAN, Celebration Pipes p.60
Book Review: It’s NORML to Smoke Pot p.63
Edibles: American Cannabis Frosted Raw Brownies By Jessica Catalano p.64
Two Faced:
The Fight to Define “Medical Marijuana” By Dr. Frank Lucido p.68
The Green Doctors By Katy Cain p.69
Weed and Sports: Does Cannabis Give a Competitive Edge? By Jeremy Daw p.70
A Dab Will Do By Rick Pfrommer p.72

Cannabis Now is a group of individuals passionate about the topic of cannabis and the debate surrounding it.


  1. Lisa lossing

    April 30, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    Butt the thing is they make more from you in prison . From the gov. And the state and Fine’s and parol payments screw them they have been out of control Denver they murdered JFK and his brother fuck Hillary radom Clinton they have been getting fat living off the blood sweat and years it’s time

  2. Johnny King

    January 19, 2017 at 8:50 am

    The States are losing a lot if they would legalize it look at all the tax money they are not getting

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