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Editor’s Note p.07
Political Update By Roger Maple p.14
Cannabis: A Healthy Alternative By Rae Lland p.16
Strain Review: Durban Poison By Timothy Anderson p.18
Sativa vs. Indica By Mike Adams p.20
Ganja Stylist: The Secret World of a Trimmer By Dragonfly de La Luz p.24
Traveling European Trimmers By Linka A. Odom p.28
Copenhagen’s Green Light District By Dave Carpenter p.34
It All Starts with a Seed By Rick Pfrommer p.39
Operation Golden Flow: America’s Urine is Liquid Gold to Drug War Profiteers By Ellen Holland p.44
Doobie Duck: Photography of Cannabis Crosses and Varieties in Collaboration with the World’s Elite Breeders p.51
Veterans on the Front Lines of the War on Drugs By Alice O’Leary-Randall p.60
Veterans Needed: Study Tests Cannabis as Therapy to Heal Traumas of War By Alice O’Leary-Randall p.62
400 Pound Harvest: An Exclusive Look Into One of the Most Advanced and Largest Harvests of 2014 By Victor Vega p.66
Like a Lion: The Cannabis Now interview with Tanner Hall By Dave Carpenter p.76
Dispensary Profile: Denver’s Euflora By Ellen Holland p.82
Product Spotlight: Slim Inline by Elevate Accessories, Randy’s Roots Hemp Rolling Papers, Vaped: Micro Vape V3, Cloud V Phantom, Phoenician Engineering Grinder p.88-89
Film Review: Bringing it Home p.92
Book Review: The Handbook of Cannabis p.93
Northern Lights: An Alaskan TV Grow Show By Dave Carpenter p.94
A Judge’s View of the Golden Tarp Awards By Rick Pfrommer p.96
Bed, Bud and Breakfast: Cannabis Always Welcome at this Lodging that Caters to the Stoney Set By K. Astre p.100
The People’s Medicine By Angela Bacca p.106
Edibles: Vegetable Soup with Medicated Garlic Croutons By Laurie and Maryjane p.112

Cannabis Now is a group of individuals passionate about the topic of cannabis and the debate surrounding it.


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