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Issue 12 Print Edition
Print Edition (124 pages)
published September 2014

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What’s Inside Issue 12


Editor’s Note p.07
Political Update By Roger Maple p.14
Ganjapreneurs: Moguls in the Making By Dave Carpenter p.17
10 Strains for Focus p.21
Where No Clone Has Gone Before: Passing on Good Genes By K. Astre p.22
Growing Pot is Your Patriotic Duty By Jeremy Daw p.26
5 Basic Tips for New Users p.31
Feds Warn Casinos to Turn Away Gamblers with Medical Marijuana Ties By Nathan Halverson p.35
The Future of Cultivation: Environmental and Economic Pressures Bring Growing Practices Outdoors and Leading the Way are Inventive Light Deprivation Techniques By Victor Hernandez p.38
Peace, Love & Pot: Ziggy Marley Q&A By Taylor Kent p.44
The New Moroccan Hashish By Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy p.48
How to Roll a Blunt By Jay Kitchen & Uncle Tweezy p.52
Health Meets Luxury: A Cigar Maker Looks to Revolutionize the Industry By Angela Bacca p.54
Pot Porn: Concentrate Pictorial Essay By Andres Rodriguez p.59
Chalice Cup: The Future of Cannabis Competitions By Alaina Garcia p.66
Deciding on a Dispensary By K. Astre p.59
Dispensary Profile: Apothecarium By Angela Bacca p.70
Odor Control in an Urban Garden By Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy p.73
The Father of Medical Marijuana: Florida’s Storied History with Cannabis By Alice O’Leary Randall p.75
Stoney Girl Gardens Facilitates Healing By Way of Cannabis By Brandon Krenzler p.79
Vapes of Tomorrow By K. Astre p.83
How to Make Coldwater Hash: Excerpt from “Beyond Buds By Ed Rosenthal and David Downs p.86
Hashbury Extracts Spreads the Love By Ellen Holland p.88
Top 5 Dabbing Essentials: Revere Glass Droplet Rig, Whip-It Butane, Happy Daddy’s The Globfather II, Highly Educated DualiTi Domeless Nail, Oil Slick Non-Stick Concentrate Pad p.92-93
Film Review: The Culture High By Brian Marks p.96
Book Review: “Pilcher’s Marijuana Miscellany” p.97
Concentrate Strain Review: Holy Water By Timothy Anderson p.97
Flower Strain: Montana OG Kush p.98
The Endocannabinoid System for Beginners By Rick Pfrommer p.104
Raw Cannabis Juice is the Next Superfood By K. Astre p.108
Raw Cannabis Drinks By Laurie and Maryjane p.109

Cannabis Now is a group of individuals passionate about the topic of cannabis and the debate surrounding it.

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