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New Gas & Grass Convenience Store Will Sell Cannabis

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New Gas & Grass Convenience Store Will Sell Cannabis

Colorado cannabis connoisseurs will soon be taking advantage of a new trend that is destined to become the next big thing in the world of marijuana commerce: convenience stores that sell weed.

According to a recent report by 7NEWS, there is a business called Gas & Grass opening in Colorado Springs next month that will merge the concept of the American gas station with a medical marijuana dispensary. This local pot and petro shop is reportedly owned by the Denver-based Native Roots. The company has purchased two gas stations that are being transformed into locations for this unique business idea.

Native Roots spokesman Dave Cuesta said that customers are going to be able to purchase all the typical items that they commonly buy from regular convenience stores, only the Gas & Grass comes with the added benefit for those holding a medical marijuana card to also shop for cannabis.

“We figured this gave the opportunity to potentially take a stop off their trips and give them one more opportunity to shop with us,” said Cuesta.

As with any medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado, the Gas & Grass is forced to adhere to all of the same rules and regulation. However, because the business comes equipped with a separate entrance for medical marijuana customers, the general public will be welcome.

This concept has been happening for decades with convenience stores selling beer and cigarettes, so it makes sense that a member of the cannabis industry would set out to make it work for them. Some believe the Gas & Grass could be the first step towards a fad of mainstream operations intermingling with dispensaries, which could bring to life a cornucopia of everyday businesses, like coffee shops, that also sell cannabis products.

There is still some fine-tuning to do to the Gas & Grass before it is ready to open for business. Yet, both locations are expected to be up and running within the next couple of months.

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