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End of Summer Edibles: Labor Day Recipe Round-Up

Labor Day Recipe Round-Up
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End of Summer Edibles: Labor Day Recipe Round-Up

These picks will help you bring out the best of the holiday.

Though the summer is slowly winding down, there are still opportunities to get outside and soak up the last of the sunshine. Labor Day is a great chance to round up your family and friends for a casual BBQ in a park or a potluck at home where you can bring a savory dish, dessert or drink that everyone will be eager to experience. Looking for some inspiration? Start with some of these recipes and then try branching out to some of your own creations.

Pot Popsicles

Stay cool with these super simple and easy to make adult popsicles that can be any flavor you want. After using lemonade made with cannabis-infused honey as the base to give them that extra kick, you can customize with your own ingredients like berries or any other fresh fruits. You can also try another juice or drink as a base to create your own interesting flavor combinations.

Cannabis Mocktails

You can still enjoy sipping on a buzzy beverage even if you’ve decided you’re skipping out on alcohol for the day thanks to these mocktails made with cannabis-infused simple syrup. Keep it classic with a mojito or serve up something fresh like rosemary and cucumber ginger beer. If you know a thing or two about making mocktails, you can skip the recipe and use the infused simple syrup to make your own drink.

Island Sweet Skunk Summer Veggies

Pick up some summer veggies for this side dish that might even entice a tried-and-true carnivore to indulge. Vegetable stock, white wine and agave give this recipe a rich flavor profile and make the taste of the veggies really come alive. Look for vegetables that are in season at your local farmers’ market.

Tomahawk Ribeye

Rib Eye Cannabis Now Magazine

Whether you decide to party indoors or outdoors, you can still have this ready for all the meat lovers who need their fix. There are no frills to this recipe —  just sear the ribeye on both sides, cook it to your preference and enjoy. It can be cooked in the oven or even thrown on the grill if you’re in the mood.

Canna-Quinoa Salad

Canna-Quinoa Salad on a Yellow Plate with Fork

A traditional green salad may not be able to withstand the heat, but this refreshing salad made with quinoa will still help you get in a serving of vegetables. It has a light, zesty dressing and lots of veggies that help give it texture and flavor. Plus, it doesn’t require any cooking so you don’t even have to turn on your stove to make this.

Cannabis-Infused Fingerling Potato Nachos

A piping hot bowl of Aurora infused fingerling potato nachos.

Say no to nachos with soggy tortilla chips by replacing them with hearty potatoes that won’t lose their texture after being covered in cheese and chorizo. Though the recipe only calls for a few toppings, feel free to load your nachos up with whatever else your heart desires like scallions, sour cream and a little guacamole.

Medicated Mac & Cheese

This crowd favorite and dinner classic is a sure shot if you’re undecided about what to make. It’s up to you whether or not you want to play it safe with a straight-forward cheddar cheese recipe like this one or spice it up with your preferred cheese. You can also create your own cheese blend with a two or more of your faves for added flavor.

Vegan Palisade Peach Crisp

This dessert combines the best of both worlds with soft, warm peaches paired with a crunchy crisp on top. Though fresh peaches are ideal, you can make it easier for yourself by using canned peaches that have been drained. Even if you’re not that great at baking, this recipe is simple enough for most skill levels.

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