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Issue 22
Print Edition (140 pages)
published September 2016

What’s Inside Issue 22

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Editor’s Note By David Downs p.09
Letters / Contest p.11
Political Update By Owen Poindexter p.15


Wiz Khalifa, All Papered Up – Is the multi-platinum-selling artist having the most fun in America? Mister Cap chats Rolling Papers 2, lobbying for medical marijuana, and being a dad. By David Downs p.72
Hemp Heals America – Last seen during World War II — American hemp has come roaring back as highly therapeutic oil. Walk the healing fields with Kentucky’s Atalo Holdings. By Dave Carpenter p.86
Whoopi For President – Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elizabeth of Om Edibles share business tips on surviving in what was once a man’s world. By Dragonfly de la Luz  p.100
What Would Hillary Do? Weed Wargaming the White House and Congress after November 8. By Kristen Gwynne p.108


Dear Dabby – Etiquette columnist and leading stoner comedian Ngaio Bealum riffs on role models in the NFL and the smoke circle. By Ngaio Bealum p.20
Super Smoke Squad: Cannabis Now fields an ironman squad of pro-medical marijuana NFL players, with a coach and an announcer. HIKE! By Oscar Pascual p.27
Dank Gold: Olympic gold medalist snowboarder turned “Ross’ Gold”-dealer, Ross Rebagliati tells author Joe Dolce how to keep in shape with cannabis. p.31
Hitwoman Margaret Cho – Now streaming Comedian Margaret Cho re-defines the comedy album with ‘American Myth.’ By Susan Cohen p.36
Sharpest Glass in the West: Unparalleled Glass’ sculpted cacti touch us in tender places. By Ellen Holland p.41
Flower Girls: Learn how to truly appreciate and savor your harvest with Flower Girls creator Caitlin Podiak. By Caitlin Podiak p.44


Spa Day! America’s loveable pot editor Ricardo Baca takes the tough assignment: reviewing Colorado cannabis spas to achieve max relax status. By Ricardo Baca p.22
The Ultimate Portland Pot Crawl –  Get out!? A big ol’ street map of Portlandia’s dankest, courtesy of the Potlander. p.48
Weed Nerd Heaven – The future of boutique American cannabis blooms at Farma in Portland. By Caitlin Podiak p.53
Reefer Down Under: Vlogging sensation Coral Reefer snorkels back with tips on transatlantic edibles hypersleep, and Australia’s yearning marijuana movement. p.56

#Harvest 2016

Best Harvest Strains: A metric ton of Gorilla Glue and Sunset Sherbert is destined to hit store shelves and aficionados’ bowls, says a leading dispensary buyer. By Timothy Anderson p.80
30% THC Alert! Nine-time-award-winning, Western U.S. crew ‘RB26’ fuses Cornell biz school lessons, high technology, and hard-won growing lessons to achieve greatness. By David Downs  p.62 
Timing Your Croptoberfest Book award-winning Jorge Cervantes walks noobs through chopping, drying, and curing their crop. By Jorge Cervantes p.95

#Vote 2016

Stoner Myths Busted – America’s greatest living cannabis commentator ‘Radical’ Russ Bellville busts the myths energizing this year’s ‘stoners against legalization’. p.25
Rocking the Mom Vote: Moms protecting their kids have changed the face of the medical marijuana. By Susan Cohen p.76
Go Ohio Go! Lawmakers green-lit medical rather than face voters in November. Now, a massive market stirs. By Owen Poindexter p.113
Florida’s Rising Tide: Can the one percent block the will of the super-majority in this southern battleground? By Sean Quinn p.116
Disobedience for Dessert: On the 20th anniversary of Prop 215, best selling author Clint Werner remembers ‘Brownie’ Mary Rathbun; recipe included. p.127


Mechoulam’s Message –  Chatty correspondence with the father of modern cannabinoid science. p.98
The Next Hot Cannabinoid – Cannabigerol stops pain, without the stone. It’s an entourage party, and we brought the CBG. By Timothy Anderson p.106


Book Review: Ed Rosenthal’s Big Book of Buds p.119
Fall TV Hits: Brush up on your Weediquette in Viceland, take an Adult Swim with Tim & Eric, or HBOGo High Maintenance. By Greg Zeman p.121
Strain Review: Zkittlez We tasted the rainbow, and then fact checked with 3rd Gen Fam for this West Coast ‘IT’ strain. By David Downs p.124
Blunttastic Boxes: Store your bud like a chronnoissuer. We review humidors by the Cannaseur, Icky, and the Cannador. p.133

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