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Issue 19
Print Edition (132 pages)
published February 2015

What’s Inside Issue 19

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Editor’s Note By Dave Carpenter p.07
Political Update By Owen Poindexter p.10
Weeding in a Mate By Dragonfly de la Luz p.15
Curbing Alcohol By Mike Adams p.19
Growing with the Guru: Ed Rosenthal talks about his storied career in cultivation, publishing and a life spent at the forefront of the pro-marijuana debate. By Dave Carpenter p.24
Glass Artist Profile: Trenton0oThe Range of Spectrum p.30
The Pesticide Dilemma: Will regulation solve a toxic issue? By Ricardo Baca p.35
Himalayan Highs By Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy p.43
Exploring Charas By Frenchy Cannoli p.46
The Problems with Legalization By Angela Bacca p.48
The Great Green North: Canada is on the brink of adult-use marijuana, but who will profit? By Sean Quinn p.52
Dabstars – Dabbing with the Best By Oscar Pascual p.55
Strain Review: Shangrila By TGA Seeds p.56
Caught in the Middle: A dispensary navigates the murky waters of shifting regulation changes. By Ellen Holland p.58
How to Germinate Seeds
By Jorge Cervantes p.64
Pot Pioneers:
They make California’s cannabis concentrates, but a legal catch 22 makes them outlaws. By Greg Zeman p.68
Heavy Hitters vs. Microdoses
By Ellen Holland p.78
Ralph Nader Calls to Liberate Hemp By Sean Quinn p.83
Film Review: High Maintenance Reviewed by Laura Notini p.85
Book Review: Tokin’ Women Reviewed by K. Astre p.86
Clean Green Certification By Rick Pfrommer p.90
Protect and Serve: Q&A with Diane Goldstein By Mitchell Colbert p.95
Capturing Cannabis: Behind the Lens By K. Astre p.98
Dispensary Profile: Wellness Connection of Maine By Julia Clark-Riddell p.104
Top 5 Cannabis Tech Companies p.110
Edibles: Bud and Breakfast: Teff Cannabis Waffles, 20-Minute Cannabis Olive Oil p.113
The Dead, Reanimated:
The long, strange trip with the Grateful Dead continues to morph By Mitchell Colbert p.116
Cannasseuer Essentials:
Classy Stash-Marijuana Stash Jars, Puffco Pro, Voodoo Juice, Pulse Glass Bong p.121


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