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Home Edibles Go High Tech with tCheck

A hand holds the tCheck device which helps people dose their edibles correctly
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Home Edibles Go High Tech with tCheck

Weekend cannabis chefs will soon be in position to make their most accurately dosed edibles to date, thanks to the world’s first at home cannabis oil potency tester the tCheck. For as long as folks have been whipping up edibles in their free time, accurate dosing has always been an issue. While many of the big edible companies have turned their production process into a science, the person preparing a single batch edible creation has always been left to their own devices when establishing proper dosing levels. With the introduction of the tCheck, these issues will be a thing of the past.

The tCheck is not a full spectrum lab test, nor do the makers claim it to be. What the tCheck does is measure the total cannabinoids by volume, this CBV number is an identical premise to alcohol by volume number one would see on the side of craft beer. When comparisons are made to more advanced laboratory testing, the tCheck is thought to be similar to a rapid cholesterol check. You get your finger pricked and get your results in a minute, or you can go more in depth with a larger sample size and get a thorough report in a few days. Nonetheless, pathogen and pesticide testing are an extremely important part of the process — one can expect in purchasing through a reputable cannabis distribution point these screening processes would have already occurred prior to making your edible concoction.

The device is very simple to use. On the included testing tray, you put two drops of the oil you wish to test. tCheck measures the light passing through the sample and by analyzing this light, the device is able to compute the basic CBV content of the oil. The cannabinoid ratio breakdown in the edible will be similar to that of whatever strain you’re putting in. After acquiring the CBV, you can use the online calculator to figure out how much oil is required for the dose that you’re looking for.

The tCheck is the cutting edge of homestyle ebible preparation without a doubt, and its August release is much anticipated. The tCheck team will constantly be improving the product even after purchase with free firmware updates via built-in WiFi.

For the discrete edible enthusiasts among us, there is no need to worry. The tCheck is slightly larger than a deck of playing cards, you’ll have no problem tucking it into the back of your cupboard with your measuring spoons.

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