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Happy Birthday, Dennis Peron

Photos by Gracie Malley

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Happy Birthday, Dennis Peron

Last week Peron’s friends and loved ones – many of whom joined him in the Proposition 215 campaign – celebrated his 71st birthday.

Dennis Peron says he came to San Francisco to find love and change the world. A longtime cannabis activist, Peron started the San Francisco Buyer’s Club in 1991, one year after his lover Johnathan West passed away from the disease, and went on to become a leader in the ballot initiative that legalized cannabis for medical use in California in 1996, Proposition 215.

Peron’s party took place at his sprawling San Francisco home known as the Castro Castle. Complete with a miniature Golden Gate bridge and large black light activated outdoor paintings, Peron greeted an array of guests throughout the affair, accepting gifts and sharing stories of his lifetime of activism.


Caitlin Podiak lights a pipe using Hempwick at The Castro Castle.


Many eye-catching decorations reside in Dennis Person’s home (The Castro Castle).


A band plays in the backyard during Dennis Peron’s birthday party.


Fellow activists and friends of Dennis Peron gather together to celebrate his birthday.


Dennis and his friends crowd together for a photograph.

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